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    Default The Heroes of Fire, Ice, and Lightning (Interlude 1)

    Rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images

    The Heroes of Fire, Ice and Lightning

    Thunder rumbled in the distance as sheets of rain began falling on the streets of Pallet Town. But inside one particular house, the three residents--a black haired boy, an orange haired girl, and a brown haired boy with tan skin--were on the edge of their seats as a frantic battle raged on the TV screen. The heroes of the movie they were watching--a boy with a sword and his companion, an older boy wearing green and gold knuckles--were defending a black haired girl in an ornate blue and silver robe from a seemingly never ending horde of masked ninjas bent on kidnapping her.

    "Come on!" the black haired boy cheers as the hero fends off three more ninjas.

    "Show those Black Moon guys who's boss!" the girl agrees as the hero's companion punches another ninja.

    "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but what if the real villain that wants to kidnap Princess Mizuki is hiding in this hall, and these ninjas are just a distraction?" the brown haired boy suggests.

    "Oh?" the girl asks as the scene shifts from the dramatic battle to another location on the palace grounds, where the emperor of the land is meeting with the envoy of a neighboring kingdom, whose son wishes to take Princess Mizuki's hand in marriage.

    "If you've seen kung fu movies like this before, Misty, 9 times out of 10, the never ending horde of lackeys is an excuse for the main bad guy to get the girl--or whoever, and sometimes whatever, it is the hero has to protect." the boy explains with a yawn--all the pseudo-political babble between the two rulers is boring him.

    "Well, if Emperor So-and-So and King What's-His-Name would stop jabbering, we would see if Brock's right." Misty sighed.

    "Who knew kung fu movies were so talky?" the black haired boy sighs in agreement.

    "Pack a lunch, Ash--we're probably going to be here a while..." Misty replies. "Though to be fair, this is the most interesting thing on TV at the moment..."

    Ash notices Brock is sprawled on the couch, asleep. "Wake Brock up when it gets interesting again." he instructs Misty as he departs into the kitchen to make a snack.

    "Got it." Misty replies as Brock continues to sleep....

    Dream 1: The Song Echoing From the Red Earth

    A majestic temple-like structure rises from a forest, making a boy identical in appearance to Brock wearing a red tunic with black trim with a cape to match gasp in awe as he emerges from the forest and sees the red, white, and gold building. A confident smile forms on his face--this is where he needs to deliver the bow inside the large black case he is carrying.

    The apprentice sweeping the temple courtyard recognizes the boy. "Sanchi! Is that Master Jiang's bow you're carrying?"

    "Indeed it is." Sanchi replies. "Please inform Master Jiang that I wish to personally present it to him."

    "Right away!" With that, the apprentice hurries off inside the temple.

    Sanchi, meanwhile, makes his way towards the temple's west gate, where a target range is located for those apprentices being trained in bow martial arts. He contemplates what the master of the Red Flame sect of the Entei style has promised him in return for the bow he has spent the last week working on. Gold? A champion's robe, reserved for only the best students? Or was it something even more valuable than those?

    He is snapped from his thoughts by the footsteps of someone approaching--a black haired boy in a regal red, white, and gold robe with a flame pattern and a few more apprentices. "Welcome, Sanchi, and thank you once again for offering me your services in making a new ceremonial bow for me."

    "The pleasure's all mine." Sanchi replies. "I hope it is to your specifications."

    Master Jiang opens the case and examines the bow inside. "Very well made--not a crack or loose part anywhere." he smiles as he takes out the bow. "Light as a feather, too."

    "I have included a set of my favorite Bright Flame Arrows at no extra charge." Sanchi adds as he offers a quiver filled with 20 red tipped arrows with matching swirl-like fletching to Master Jiang. Master Jiang accepts the quiver with a smile, nocks one of the arrows, and fires at one of the targets. Sanchi watches intently as Master Jiang takes a few more shots, with every arrow landing very close to the target's bull's-eye.

    "Well? Do you like it?" a female apprentice asks.

    "The draw is very smooth and the bow is quiet, as a good bow should be." Master Jiang replies before addressing Sanchi. "Your work never ceases to amaze thanks for a well made bow, I have something just as well made to give you in return."

    Sanchi balks as an apprentice hands him a wooden flute with an elegant Gyarados knotwork design to him. "Thanks...although it has been two weeks since I last played a flute." His last flute had accidentally fallen from his pocket and cracked while he was moving boxes of arrows, rendering it unplayable.

    "This flute I have enchanted with Entei's power to give to one who has done a great deed for us--and giving us such a well made ceremonial bow counts as a great deed." Master Jiang explains. "It is named Akaihono--'red flame'. If you have any skill in chi martial arts, you will be able to play many legendary skills on it--even the famed Song of the White Dragon."

    Sanchi bows before Master Jiang again. "It is always an honor to lend my services to you--I promise to remember all of you every time I play Akaihono."

    "Master, does that flute really have chi infused in it?" a female apprentice asks as she ties a red tassel onto the flute for good luck.

    "Why don't we have Sanchi play Akaihono here and find out?" Master Jiang suggests.

    "I accept your challenge." With that, Sanchi nervously lifts Akaihono to his lips and blows a few airy notes into the spring breeze. After composing his nerves, he starts playing the dance "Sakura Petals in the Wind", making a small fireball form in the air and go flying to the pavement, where it fizzles out.

    "See? You have a little skill in channeling your chi." Master Jiang assures Sanchi. "I'm sure if you practice enough, you could do the same thing with your voice."

    Sanchi nods. "With all the worrying rumors about the Kokuen sect flying as if late, it may be best if I hone this newly discovered skill." He bows again to Master Jiang as he turns to leave. "I promise...."

    "I promise..." Brock sleepily mumbled as Misty gently nudged him awake. "I promise..."

    "You promise what?" Misty asked, jolting him back to reality.

    Brock looks around--he's still on the couch in the living room, and the martial arts movie the three of them have been watching has now cut to a commercial. "I had an interesting dream..."

    "What was it about?" Ash asks as he returns with a sandwich.

    "I dreamt I was a bowmaker--or whatever the proper term is for somebody that makes bows and arrows--in a land not unlike where 'The Twin Dragon Warriors' takes place." Brock explained. "I had traveled to a temple where one of the good sects called home to give their master a bow I made. In return, he gave me a flute."

    "Did you play it?" Ash is interested--he knows Brock is good with a whistle, but not the Pokeflute.

    "What kind of flute was it?" Misty asks.

    "It was sideblown, and it had a cool looking knotwork design that looked like a Gyarados." Brock makes a form in the air so his audience can see how big the flute in his dream was. "When I played it, I inadvertently conjured a fireball--but thankfully I didn't burn the temple down." he chuckles. "The dojomaster told me that I had talent to perform the equivalent of magic in this world through the flute, and that with some practice, I could even sing the equivalent of spells. I made a promise to the dojomaster to hone this talent...and Misty woke me up about then."

    "Whoa..." Ash is impressed.

    "Let me know if your dreamsona has any more adventures tonight!" Misty smiles as the TV announces We now return to 'Martial Arts Matinee'...

    To Be Continued...
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