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Thread: I Didn't do My Homework Because...

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    76. Yo no hago mi tarea por que no fue en espanol.

    (I didn't do my homework because it was not in spanish). lol XD
    I'm sorta back
    While I'd always love to talk about anything pokemon, I will only be using the 6th gen Wifi section for a while out of efficiency in my life, unfortunately

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    thought X/Y were amazing, but the widely revolutionary ORAS makes X/Y look like, well, I guess the original Ruby/Sapphire (which were still awesome) ha ha. in early middle of story line, w/ no choice but to progress fairly slowly. if anyone wants to battle or register me (be sure to tell me iso I can get yours) feel free to!

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    77. I didn't do my homework because you forgot to give it to me.

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    78 I didn't do my homework because that's work, and we have those child labor laws for a reason
    Pokemon isn't real, I'm sorry

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