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    Default Joepotatoe's S/F Potato Farm

    Joepotatoe's Potato Farm!
    HUGE thanks to Eeveelover824 for the awesome banner.

    Da rulez: ( READ OR ELSE )

    1.- ALL sppf rules apply, you should know this.
    2.- No hacks, I try to keep my shop clean, this you should know as well.
    I will not trade you hacks, but if it ever happens you're entitled to 2 free pokemon from my shop as an apology, however, you must present proof.
    3.-No Off-topic posts, you post your offer, and I'll post my answer, from then we proceed through PM.
    4.- I don't mind PMs if you think I didn't see your post, you MUST however, post here first.
    5.-Don't be pushy, I have my own schedule, and if I say no, offer something else, don't beg.
    6.- Your offer, what you're requesting and your FC must be clearly in the post
    7.- Try to use good spelling and punctuation, as sometimes the lack of these can cause confusion
    9.- Please, Do NOT post anything in my "Do not want" list, I can only take so much stupid every day.

    I'm not fond of strikes and the likes, so I run simple rules, 1st you get a warning, if you break the rules within the day again, I will simply not trade with you until I see fit. You can only get 2 warnings, after that, break 1 rule and you're outta here forevah.

    Blacklist (You guys, get out):
        Spoiler:- bad people >:D:

    Whitelist and trusted partners.

    -Rovert, old trade partner. Check Out His Shop!
    -Charizard_rulez84, a friend of mine with whom I've done lots of trading. Check out his shop!
    -Eeveelover824, created the majestic piece of art that is this shop's banner, by making it, she has done a favor to both me and all of humanity, If you want anything even remotely comparable to the beauty of dunsparce, Her art shop is the only place to find such a thing.
    -Team Sky, A clan I've been in since forever c:

    On to the pokemon!!

        Spoiler:- Kanto:

        Spoiler:- Johto:

        Spoiler:- Hoenn:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh:

        Spoiler:- Unova:

        Spoiler:- Flawless EV trained Stuffs:

    Mainly shiny flawless pokemon that I do not own
    Calm Ice body spheal
    Timid DW nidoran male
    Timid HP fire Snover
    Modest/Timid HP fighting/ HP ice litwick
    Dunsparce of any nature, I collect them

    Do not want:
    Non flawless pokemon.
    Non DW event pokemon Pokemon that already have (duh).
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    White FC: 0476 4493 5094

    Check Out My Awesome All-New Trade shop!

    Credit to Cyrius for the AWESOME Userbar c:

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