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Thread: i started my own short story based on pokemon creepy black called "Pokemon Paranoia"

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    Default i started my own short story based on pokemon creepy black called "Pokemon Paranoia"

    Pokemon: Paranoia

    Chapter 1: Beginnings

    Red had just woken up from a somewhat lengthy night slumber, and the time, as depicted on the clock, emitted a green glow which said 10:34. It was the latest he had ever slept which, evidently enough by his facial expression, upset him deeply because of what he could be doing in that time. Red threw on his usual attire, a red jacket with a matching hat and blue jeans, and darted down his staircase which lead to the kitchen. His mother lay on his small sofa in the neghboring living room with the television on, but at a low volume. Red didn't take notice of that though. By the time he withdrew his vision from his mom, he felt hungry so he grabbed a small pastry for breakfast.

    After finishing the, what was to him, the ample breakfast, he decided to head outside into outdoor Palet Town. Red had grown up in this town since he was born, but only with his mother. Red never found out why it was only him and his mother. When he wandered out and about Palet Town, Red would go nearly everywhere with the exception of the thick grasses and bushes for if he did, his mother would scold him which would be folllowed by some sort of punishment. The bushes had some dangerous value to it, but his mother had never told Red why.

    Red's mother was his mentor, teacher, and caring guardian, a very cautious one at that. She would practically watch her son through a window to ensure that he wouldn't wander into the “dangerous” bushes.
    In the duration of Red's life and experiences in Palet Town, seldom did he have any temptation to inspect the bushs. Red last attempted to go in the bush quite some time ago, but was scolded and punished by his mother, which resulted in some self-discipline to not come in to contact with the mysterious shrubs.
    He was older now, he felt independent and free to make any desire an action, any want would be fulfilled by getting what he needed. The temptation to walk in the shrubbery grew to overwhelming amounts, his left foot was nearly in it. Whatever inhabited the insides was unbeknownst to him, which contributed to his urges.
    I must walk in!
    Just walk in.
    Red had finally given in to the temptation, so he proceded by advancing his behind-right-foot into the bush. Then, his left foot. Red was inside the bush now, awaiting for anything unexpected...
    A small brush glided across his shin, resulting in goosebumps and a strong feeling of fear had grown inside him. In little time, a forceful tug on his pants had strongly astonished Red and would soon be followed by an even more powerful “bite” to his thigh.
    Something was climbing on Red, and soon the strong sense of fear had turned in to terror. In response to the pain inflicted, Red turned in the other direction to withdraw from the large bush, but the “creature” had too tight of a grasp on his leg, then his feet. Red then fell with the rest of his body out of the bush, which he had intended to in order to grab the attention of any bystanders. His whole body was now exposed, and the “creature” was now visible to everyone that was out there.
    Red's eyes had quickly scanned the area but no one was there to be found. When his eyes were fully directed towards distant woods, he noticed a small, brown-furred fox-like – creature that was perched on all fours on a tree.
    The “creature”, who by then was practically attached to Red, had dug into his skin with it's claws, gradually increasing the inflicted pain.
    The brown fox creature then pounced, on all fours, from it's original position on the tree branch and attacked the antagonistic creature attached to Red with a fierce bite. The jaw, that was visible for a few seconds, had held teeth that appeared had the capabilites to bite through steel and kill a human.
    “It's” teeth bit down on the fearce monstrosity that attacked Red, and, consequently, had caused it to squeal in pain. Miraculously, the extremely powerful grip had loosened, and eventually the hand released from the boy's injured leg in order for the “thing” to escape from the area. By the time Red could try to find the animal that had attacked him, it was already gone and had appeared to have darted off in to the woods that the defending creature was once located in.
    Red had lifted himself from the ground and grimaced in pain, which rooted from his throbbing, now pulsating, leg. After he had finally gotten up, he scanned the area once again to find anyone who could have seen this strange occurance. The only person out there was an old-looking man in a white lab coat with distinctively grey, spiky hair. For about a long minute, Red had stared at him, speechless, and waiting for the man to speak about what had just happened, but the scilence was broken when the fox-like creature scurried lightly and quickly to the stranger.
    “Hello”, the man greeted “I have watched everything that just happened to you in the bush from inside that laboratory behind me”.
    Red said nothing.
    “I am Professor Oak, and this is my Pokemon, Eevee. It has been mine since I have been working here as a Pokemon scientist.” The creature that had defended him had materialized into a pink light ray and travelled, in that form, to a half red, half white sphere that was held by Oak. “I sent my Eevee out to defend you from the other Pokemon that attacked you”.
    Soon after Oak had finished speaking, Red felt a strong sense of interest and curiosity, these two feelings forced him to talk.
    “Can you teach me about these 'Pokemon', Professor Oak? I'm very interested?”, questioned Red.
    “I would be glad to, just step into my laboratory”. Oak had slowly entered the building behind him, with his hands crossed behind his back. Quickly, Red followed, but he did not know what had awaited him inside.
    All Red knew was that he wanted to learn about these “Pokemon” creatures, and that someday he would grow to be a connoiseur on these creatures. Red had always wanted to have the best knowledge on everything, which reflected in school.

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    its not done yet

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    I've moved this to the Correct Section: Fan Fiction. Please be aware that people critique your work, and please don't be rude to them.

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