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Thread: Where to start?

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    Default Where to start?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums! I just got interested in the Pokemon gaming series, although I have watched the show for quite some time!

    Does anyone have any suggestions of where to start my competitive gaming Pokemon career? I would love to build a competitive team, so is there a specific game I should start on and work my way through all the following ones?

    Also if any of you are knowledgeable and have some tips to give me please do so!

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    I'd probably start with the newest games, Black and White 2, and go backwards from there.
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    Well there is a Compeative section in the forums.

    AS my Teams are almsot always ingame and generally for fun. I can't really help you with building a team, but the Pokémon of the Week on the main site is a good read if you know who you want.

    I've moved this to the newbie section, sicne this is your welcome post.

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