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Thread: I need movesets for my team

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    Default I need movesets for my team

    So, I've got my team planned out

    -Empoleon : surf, flash cannon, drill peck, ice beam

    -Pachirisu : grass knot, sweet kiss, shock wave, iron tai

    -Honchkrow : fly, sucker punch, psychic, steel wing

    -Roserade : sludge bomb, giga drain, toxic, shadow ball

    -Alakazam sychic, energy ball, drain punch, toxic

    -Lucario : aura sphere, bone rush, shadow ball, flash cannon

    -Garchomp : dragon claw, crunch, earthquake, aerial ace

    -Ambipom : double hit, water pulse, iron tail, dig

    I know it's 8 but im gonna do kinda like a rotation between them

    and thanks in advanced
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