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    Hello everyone, Im Axl. I've been stalking the forums for quite some while mostly to get information and read some feedback about the anime. So I made an account because "why not"? I... may not post here as much thou.

    Anyways I've been watching the anime since episode one but I didnt start playing the games until R/S/E.

    And I uh... I guess I like drawing and Palpitoads and Swoobats

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    I can't draw at all, so I'm envious of anyone that can.
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    Welcome to Serebii Forums! CraziedCreator, but call me Crazied please. I wouldn't really worry about the post thing, I don't really see how much it really matters to be honest....

    I like to draw, but can't do it well. I'm more of a writer I guess.

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