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Persona: Death’s Requiem

    Spoiler:- Plot, Characters, and Rules:

Ace Spadial
XI Lust, Seth
Meadow Creek High, 3:00 PM

Ace tapped his fingers on his desk as he waited for the school bell to ring, humming the beat to the song he was secretly listening to with his headphones. Looking around, he started to see student's get up from class, signifying that the school day was over. Ace wasn't a huge fan of school, or anything at all. He always saw people give him funny looks, and it just made him sick of everything. Music was his only escape that was the only thing he cared about besides his brother, and the hunger for power he had. Ace didn't know why he had it, but to him it was a reasonable thing, it was an edge to help him win the game of life.

He started to walk out the doors, the autumn wind starting to brush against his body. He was tired of everything, the coolness of the wind seemed to only fuel the fires of his malice, but he was happy at least for one thing, he was starting junior here

"Two more years and I'm out of this hell. " he gave a cocky smirk as he continued to walk out the property of the school. he was supposed to go to the music shop. His biology teacher was nagging him about it all day, Ace serious was hammered from all the stress.

He took out a bottle of rum from his bag, and opened the cork and took a sip. A little rum always helped him get back onto track, and he remembered that practice wasn't until five. He had two hours to kill, so he could go and see his brother, well, after he dumped his alcohol somewhere.


Yggdrasil Hospital, 4:03 PM

“Hello Ace, are you here to see heart?” The nurse asked Ace as he walked into the hospital. It reeked of death and despair, and he knew that the Nurse’s there were very adept at handling loss. He was a common sight, always visiting his brother there.

“Yes.” Ace gave a monotonous reply as he carried the rue flowers in his hand. The nurse got up and led him down the way towards the room. The hallway seemed different this time, like something had died a painful death. Ace couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew something was wrong. Ace was finally led into his brother’s room, and say him happily sleeping.

“Hey, how are you doing? I hope that you’re feeling better. I had the first day of school today, I bet you don’t miss that, do you? My problems, I think they’re getting better brother… I know that I’m not the legal age for gambling, but it’s the only way to keep on supporting you.” Ace sighed as he continued to spill out his regrets to his brother. He laid the flowers in the vase next to him, and took out the dead ones. He always took the dead flowers, it was a sort of thing. He kept them all in a big container, so for when Heart does wake up he could make incense out of them.

Heart always liked to o things like that… He’s the only thing that keeps me sane anyways. I don’t know, but whenever I feel his hand, and talk to him, the world just pauses, the game stops, just for one second… Even as small as it is, it’s a miracle in itself. I sometimes just can’t bear to leave this place…

Ace held his brother’s hand for some time while he was lost in thought, thinking about memories, and thinking about his sins, but he didn’t care about his sins, they were able to give him that edge, that power he needs, but he doesn't feel fulfilled yet.

“Not yet… anyways…” Ace muttered as he saw the clock hit 4:30. He had to leave, and told his good-byes to his brother, but as he felt a small grip on his hand, as if it was saying “Don’t go”

“Sorry bro. I have to.” Ace sighed as he put the dead flowers in his backpack carefully. He looked at the nursed, and silently whispered to her

“I felt him… I felt him holding my hand back just for a second.” And then he left the bewildered nurse.

Riley Ashton
III Empress, Lorelei
Riley’s room. 3:10 PM

Riley shut his door with certain oomph as he caught his breath. He was running through the crowds at school to get home and start performing his concert. It would be a good practice for band later, and he always tried to plan out things, even if they never worked out well.

“Should I lead off with Silent memories, or Heartbroken Sunset first? I could always do Justice Breaker, or maybe even Falling. I’ll finish off with Two-Faced Persona, I know that. Hmm, where’s my lipstick? I hope to god mom didn’t clean my room. I know sis was also a cross-dresser, but there are certain things I have in here I don’t want her to know about. I have to have my little secrets to right?” Riley started to talk to himself as he shifted around his room in a hurricane.

He always talked to himself, he never found anything wrong with it at all, it even helped him practice his voice fluctuation, as he noticed he’s starting to sound a little deeper. He started to take off his dress when he noticed a letter on his pillow. He picked it up and exclaimed with glee

“X! I wonder why he wrote to me now, normally he write on my birthday, and that’s not for another month! Well I should totally like write back and thank him, but no that would be so weird. I don’t know what to do, ughh!!! Hmm, maybe I should just read it.” Riley then started to fluctuate his moods, another thing he quickly practiced before his shows. Since his songs often were played next to each other in very drastic tones, he’d have to be able to change his mood very quickly.

Hello again, my dear princess. As you do classify yourself as a princess now, I should rather call you that. Anyways, I will be watching your show tonight, so I do hope very well you do your best. Good Luck! –X

Riley put down the letter in shock, and then started to go to his hidden make-up department, he needed to look his best if X was watching him preform. He turned on his closet light, got the make-up, his wig, and other accessories, and started to get to work


Riley finished putting on his clothes, make up, and so forth, and finally was in the incarnation of his internet Persona, Angel. He grabbed his mike, switched on some lights, and turned on his webcam, he edited with his music playlist for a little bit so that his desired list appeared, and then played the karaoke version.

“Alright Internet, are you ready to party!?” Riley yelled as he did a sort of attractive pose, making it so that ‘she’ was trying to highlight ‘her’ body.

He started to sing, his thoughts drifted away into the noise. Everything around him just seemed lifeless when he was signing, and everything started to fade away. Until nothing was left of the outside world, and he continued to sing on, knowing very well the live stream numbers was increasing every second.

He continued to sing until his last song was over, and thanked everyone a good show and night, and looked at the time, 4:30. He started to undress, and get back into his street clothes. He quickly washed his face, took of his pop idol accessories, and quickly stormed out of the room with his bag. He grabbed a can of Ginger Ale and a package of rock candy, and locked the house down.