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    Default Hey!

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here.

    I'm a veteran Pokemon player, been playing since RBY on the GBC when I was about 4. I'd say my favorite gen is Gen III, oddly. I loved Sapphire to death.

    I've never beaten D/P/Pt and B2/W2, although I own both. I've also never completed the Pokedex. XD

    My other favorite series is Fire Emblem for sure.

    Hope to join and become a mostly active member here. See you guys around!

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    I never complete the Pokedex. It's tradation not to. xD

    Anyway, welcome to Serebii Forums! CraziedCreator, but call me Crazied please. Have fun here!

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    Aw, you should beat D/P. Gen 4 was my favorite!

    I haven't beaten B2, either, though. I keep Nuzlocking and losing at the end of the game.
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