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Thread: Vesp's Trade Shop

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    Default Vesp's Trade Shop

    Welcome To My Shop!

    -Follow all Serebii rules etc
    -I do not give Hacks, Clones or RNG'ed Pokemon nor do I accept them
    -Don't message me until we have started negotiations
    -Be reasonable
    -Note that I'm not on 24/7 and your trade may take a while

    -I can put Pokerus onto any Pokemon you want it on
    -I can breed a Pokemon if you just want the Pre-Evo
    -I can nickname any Pokemon you want just give me a name for it

    Japanese Pokemon
        Spoiler:- Japanese Pokemon:

    PokeTransferred Pokemon

        Spoiler:- Kanto:

        Spoiler:- Johto:

        Spoiler:- Hoenn:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh:


        Spoiler:- Kanto Starters:

        Spoiler:- Johto Starters:

        Spoiler:- Hoenn Starters:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh Starters:

        Spoiler:- Unova Starters:

    Game Exclusive Pokemon Coming Soon!

    Real Trainer Pokemon Coming Soon!
    (For example Ash's Pikachu will have the OT as Ash, same Moveset, Good nature and Ev trained. This will be the same for many other trainers)

        Spoiler:- Game Info:


    Dream World Sinnoh Starters
    Team Rocket's Meowth
    Pokemon Center Eevee Distrubtion
    Dream World Pansage, Pansear and Panpour
    Oblivia Deoxys
    Oblivia Manaphy
    Oblivia Heatran
    Oblivia Shaymin
    Almia Manaphy
    Kyles Riolu
    Almia Darkrai
    I plan to Breed some Masuda Shinies so I can add them to my Trade Shop

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    Default Yanmega

    Hey ,
    Im interested in:
    Yanmega [メガヤンマ] (Male) Mild - Alert To Sounds
    How did you get it? I see that you want to breed shinies, I have good IV parents and I live in Europe, so the Masuda method will work, if you dont live in Europe.

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    Hi, great shop!
    Intrested in your: Squirtle [ゼニガメ] (Male) Adamant - Mischievous.
    I cant offer you something of the wants listed... I do have some DW females?

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