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Thread: Nubbing it up like a boss. Because I'm that dumb.

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    Default Nubbing it up like a boss. Because I'm that dumb.

    So, my username, obviously, is Rockman.exe, and I hail from pretty much every other prominent pokemon forum but Psypoke and Marriland (if that's still around), though primarily BMGf. At any rate, I come seeking an Imposter ditto for an OU goodstuffs team that I've toyed with on Pokemon Showdown.

    So, yeah.

    As for me, personally, yes, I am a fan of the megaman series (got hooked on the NT warrior anime, and later fell in love with the Classic series), but I also like Kingdom Hearts (some here might know me as Data-Roxas on BMGf), pokemon (duh!) and I'm eagerly awaiting Smash bro's Wii U/3DS

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    Welcome to Serebii Forums! CraziedCreator, but call me Crazied please. Kingdom Hearts, what an awesome game. Anyway, have fun here!

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    I've never used the forums at Psypoke or Marriland (though I love those sites' walkthroughs and pokedex), but I can tell you that Serebii is a more eventful forum than Bulbagarden. They're all great sites in their own right, though, and I hope you enjoy these forums!
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