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Thread: Another new user! What joy!

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    Default Another new user! What joy!

    If you are reading this congrats! You get a hello!
    I have known Serebii for, to me, what seems to be a long time O_o i think as far as the late years of 3rd gen! And the 6th gen is out this year! Damn does time fly.
    I mainly joined the forums to get a tepig, because we all know how ******** the GTS is in the games when searching (Oddly enought i got a Pignite the night i joined here :| )
    Im on DeviantArt (Not really) and do pokemon spriting so i guess that good right :3

    So yeah, hello who ever reads this!

    PS: I play A LOT of Killing Floor.
    Siggy being worked on, for now you can view my SteamWorkshop in this URL, and my old SuperSmashBros.Brawl Mods HERE. My DeviantArt if you want to idk, i dont go on anymore ಠ_ಠ I guess thats everything :3

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    Hello and welcome! ^^

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    Welcome to Serebii!
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