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Thread: Flying Ninja Shipping?

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    Post Flying Ninja Shipping?

    Just curious to see people's opinions on the Flying Ninja Shipping (Falkner X Janine) (Hayato X Anzu).

    In my own personal opinion, I think it should be a little more recognized. From the fanart I've seen, it's pretty dang adorable. Also, I find Anzu/Janine to be kind of a hard character to ship. Because she doesn't show up in the anime, it's a little bit hard to determine every bit and piece of her personality. But when I see art with her and Hayato/Falkner, something about the two being together just makes me swoon~.

    Trust me, if I could, I'd be spamming you all with lovely fanart of these two. But that would be annoying and you'd probably hate me all for it. I come from Tumblr. We tend to obsesses over our ships a bit. Just a little. Okay, a lot...

    So, opinions on Flying Ninja Shipping?
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