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That still doesn't make that right. People are still allowed to dislike how Oshawott is treated.
You make it sound as if he's being treated badly, when he's not. Like everyone keeps reminding me, he gets the most screen-time out of Ash's Pokemon with the obvious exception of Pikachu, and he has license to do pretty much anything he wants because that's what his audience desires. I find it really ironic that some fans are trying to make Oshawott seem like a Pokemon that's been abused by the writers when it fact its those same fans who are abusing him by bashing him for every little thing he does. Oh and why is it that Axew gets to do whatever he wants too, but unlike Oshawott, he rarely gets called out for his actions? I'm probably the only person here who commented on his lack of self control and maturity when he went and messed with the switches.