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Thread: Do you think N is pretending to be good

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    N technically isn't a bad guy.

    In the BW games, he followed Ghetsis because he didn't know of Ghetsis' real intentions. In the anime, he seems to know that Ghetsis is up to no good.
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    I agree that N is the Protagonist of this Arc. N is looking to Stop Team Plasma whose Ambitions is to control Pokemon for Evil Purposes. My only Question is what is Team Plasma planning to do with Reshiram and what Role is Genesect playing in the Anime?

    N is going to need Ash's Help to Stop Team Plasma especially with Corless and Ghetsis The Main Antagonists.

    I wonder what Role Anthea and Concordia are going to Play and if Zinzolin and The Shadow Triad are going to Appear?

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    N is obviously good. I don't see him turning on Ash and friends.
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