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    Default Pokemon Manga Theories and Headcanons

    I have a bunch of theories and headcanons and I'm sure you do too! Let's hear 'em!

    -(MPJ) Ginger's company is in league with Team Rocket

    -(Golden Boys) Pokemon Basketball was a precurser to the Pokeathalon

    -(DPA) Koya was, at some point in the planning process, supposed to be Silver

    -(P7) Actual Team Galactic has no knowledge of Io. She got a bunch of spare uniforms and tries to pass herself off as a regional leader but knows very little about them other than what they look like, which is why her agents are allowed to do things like date and why she wears her hair just down. Though if they *did* know about her, she's one of the few people that Charon would view as a threat if only because her goals are nearly identical to his own.

    -(Special) Eusine has ADHD
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    My Entirely serious and highly hopeful Headcanon is that the following people end up together:

    Blue and Yellow
    Crystal and Emerald
    Red and Misty
    Green and Erika
    Diamond and Platinum
    Black and White
    Bill and Daisy
    Celio and Lanette

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    -Let's see, Black is a fan of Basketball.
    -White is a fan of PokeStar Studio movies.
    -Iris met Claire and Lance at some point during her life in Blackthorne City and was inspired by their strong Dragonite, Dragonair, and Gyarados.
    -Iris's first Pokemon is Lapras/Axew and Drayden's is Druddigon. Axew is the child of Drayden's Druddigon/Haxorus who was male.
    -Iris's Lapras isn't used much in BW due to her representing Dragon-types more so.
    -N's first Pokemon was Zorua.
    -Black's Musha will not pull a Mimi and return at the last battle, but will evolve later onto a Musharna after meeting up with Black.

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    Alright my theories:
    -In the final battle of BW, Ghetsis will utilize Kyurem's original form.
    -Zekrom will be passed from N to White.
    -In the big showdown between the Unova gym leaders and the Plasma sages, the Kami trio will be utilized and they may or may not show their Incarnate forms (if not, they will by Black and White 2).
    -Mewtwo will show up in Unova where it will battle Genesect (which would be pretty cool considering how both of them are mutations created by a villainous team) and Mewtwo will get to show off Psystrike.
    -Black and White will change into Nate and Rosa's clothes for the B2W2 chapter.

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    Crystal has a twin sister named Lyra. Their mom got them the same clothse so people could tell they are twins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Gabbiani View Post
    -(DPA) Koya was, at some point in the planning process, supposed to be Silver
    I'd always figured he was based on Silver the way Hareta and Mitsumi are based on Lucas and Dawn- basically an original character in their clothes and their role.

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    Red is adopted by Poli when he found him as a baby.
    Saque will appear in BW2 where all the dexowners will come together to beat her forever and Dia and Silver will have their Proteam Omega marathon. Even become fans of White's Pokewood movies.
    Sabrina and Brycen will become White's star actress, actor and she'll start to date Black, who's the Unova league champ.
    Barbara and War will also become a couple like their owners.
    Ruby and Sapphire will also finally become an official couple, like Wallace and Winona.
    Ruby will become one of White's most important costumer and fan.
    Platinum will once in a while work with White together. Dia opens a restaurant where they also do a manzai act, that will attract a lot of people from all over the world.\
    Daisy and Bill will marry.

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