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Thread: 2013 Winter Friendly Wi-Fi Tournament Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstinftw! View Post
    Yeah, like Zachmac said, this will be a Legendary predominant tournament. All these players are excited to use these Pokemon that they havent even touched before; no way they'll pass up this opportunity to legally use them. I'm pretty against Legendaries myself, but I'v got a 5/6 Legendary team because, honestly, where else will I use them?

    Just a heads up. I noticed youre intent on doing better, and I felt it best to let you know that at least 95% of the players will be using full or predominantly Legendary teams. Just look at our SPPF Registrations. So unless you add more Legendaries to your team, youre going to be hardpressed keeping up. But gooduck! I admire hour valor. I was tempted to do the same, but the above-mentioned reasons changed my mind. xD
    You're probably right, but even if I wanted to, I've already put my team in the Digital Player ID, so I can't change it. XD I know there will be Legends in abundance this tourney, but for the most part I'm too lazy (and lack the necessary time) to raise up Pokemon that I'll barely even use (plus I'm still trying to raise up all my non-Legends for transfer to X/Y's inevitable third version). Good luck to you, too, though! Hopefully, the anti-Legendary counter-measures I've prepared in my team will be sufficient.
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