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Well, 5 out of 40 finished would put you at 5/45 or~ 11%, so that'd be why. it's 10% if you have 1600 or over rating. Like i mentioned earlier, it's kinda stupid they stated all that since some people realize tehy can RQ 1 out of 11 matches without penalty.
Um, actually they DQ you if your disconnect rate is 10 or more points higher than the overall average disconnect rate amogst all players. Give that you said your disconnect rate was 18% would suggest the overall average disconnect rate was at least 9%. Recalculating shiftn's disconnect rate myself, I come up with a disconnect rate of ~18%. So either he forgot about an opponent who disconnected on him, or TPCI rounds to the nearest .1%. I know they fault your opponents' disconnects against you, otherwise I would only have one disconnect counted against me because my router crapped out on me when the game was sending the battle results.
If only my disconnects are faulted against me, then my disconnect rate should be 1/36 = ~3%.