I was playing Warframe earlier, and all of a sudden the game locked up on me. I restarted my computer and was greeted with the infamous Blue Screen of Death. It repaired the disk, and launched back up. However, there are a couple things wrong.

When I go to enter my password, the background is blue instead of black, which is what I had it set to before. The Start screen, which normally has tiles on it, is now blue with an odd fractal pattern on the bottom, shown here: http://puu.sh/1WjKm (sorry for the crappy quality). If I try to access anything through the charms bar, it either returns me to this screen or gives me a blank blue screen. And finally, though I can access my desktop by pressing Windows + D, everything from the bottom bar is gone.

Does anyone know what to do? I have tried the following:
Booted in Safe Mode
Used the sfc /scannow command
Uninstalled a specific update I was told might be causing the problem (KB2756872)

Nothing has worked so far. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I don't think it's a virus, since the computer is fairly new and all I've installed is Chrome, Warframe, and a couple Steam games.