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Thread: Nintendo says they will start supporting Japanese games in the West...

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    Default Nintendo says they will start supporting Japanese games in the West...

    So after Nintendo's Investor Meeting and their disappointing outlook, Nintendo have stated they plan to help Japan only third party 3DS games make their way west since Western third parties seem to be largely ignoring the system (not sure about Wii U games yet since we are hardly broken in with that system).

    What kind of games is everyone hoping to see?

    I really hope to see Level-5's games brought over such as Time Traveler's & Fantasy Life, Yokai Watch. Little Battlers Experience looked cool but I don't see that one coming.

    Namco Bandai seems to be on a roll lately and will be releasing Project X Zone this summer in the west so that's cool.

    I am awaiting announcements for Layton vs Ace Attorney & Ace Attorney 5 I love Phoenix so bad

    Japan is really awesome at handheld games so I'm really happy to see the
    3DS library growing with more announcements.

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    Love Plus.

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    Cool, but this can easily be discussed in the 3DS topic.

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