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Thread: PMD Remix Project: Help Needed!

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    Default PMD Remix Project: Help Needed!

    I'm terrible at intros, so let's just get into my plead.

    I'm collecting remixes of PMD: Red, Blue, Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of the Sky. The trouble I'm having? I'm alone in this project, and process of this project is at an all-time low. So I come to ask for your help, Serebii members!

    First of all, I need remixes of some of the track of PMD. So please message me either on Serebii, or message my Youtube account. I have some remixes, but not enough for my liking. Also, I rather not download too many onto my computer, so links to Youtube videos containing the remix would be most pleasurable.

    The other thing is that I need some members for my project. A team effort is better than one, so I would ask for some help in organizing and maintaining remixes into their categories. All remixes will be given a chance to be voted on, so we'll take all remixes we can get (though if the remix just is a pitch-change or slowdown, it isn't a remix).

    If you need more information, just ask a question in this thread, and I'll answer your question to the best of my ability. If you're interested in helping, please leave me a Private Message on Youtube or Serebii about what you could help with or links to videos/remixes. Thanks will be given to all members who help out.

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    This is pretty much asking for illegal content, which isn't allowed on this forum.
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