Ah, Alomomola, why do you go unloved?

To be honest, I always saw this thing as a supporter, and I think that is what it's built for. Heal Pulse, Wide Guard, Helping Hand, Wish, Safeguard, Healing Wish, it has everything save for Heal Bell. I also think it could be proficient in doubles. What this thing really needs in order to hit top tier (at least in doubles) is telepathy.

Doubles Support
Alomomola@Sitrus Berry/Leftovers/Jaboca Berry
-Heal Pulse
-Wide Guard
-Helping Hand
252 HP 252 sp def 4 def

This fellow can keep things like Heatran or Terrakion going for a long time, Blocking Blizzards and Earthquakes while buffing Rock Slides and Heat Waves. Heal Pulse and Healer keep your sweeper safe while he tears everything up, and Scald is a backup offensive manuver.