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Soak Alomomola, like any form of Shuckle, is utterly useless in NU. Why try to get lucky and Toxic a Steel or Poison type when you can just use Wish and switch out, effectively granting one of your Pokemon a free Max Potion?
Hey, Power Trick Shuckle sweeps teams. Sometimes.

No, it doesn't, but whatever, lol. And Soak+Toxic still carries Wish, it drops Waterfall, which pretty much makes it Taunt bait. Not that it deals much damage with Waterfall...

I dunno. It's a pretty terrible Pokemon to use at all in OU (although I did mess around with your Calm Mind set on PS last night, I actually swept with it a couple times), but in NU you're better off running a wall set. You could try your set with Rain Dance or Sleep Talk in the last slot as sort of a pseudo-CroCune.