First off, the RS chapters are starting from where they left off, at Volume 15. I'm gonna presume the most likely that the FRLG and Emerald chapter will continue from there. But how will they handle the numbering after that? When Viz first released DPP as a separate series, they probably thought that the chapter took place in an alternate universe or something because there weren't a lot of returning elements from the previous chapters, if any. If the minor Red's Pokemon figurines from that show Dia watches doesn't count, then the first character that appeared in a previous chapter to appear in DP is Sird and even the volume that she appears in wasn't released yet. After Volume 29 comes out, what is Viz gonna do? Is it possible that they will release new covers for the DP chapters (so instead of Volume 1, it will be Volume 30 which shouldn't be too hard to do)? I'm wondering because I want to buy boxed sets for all Viz volumes to collect but if they are going to change the covers for the DP chapters, then I don't want to waste my money buying copies that are going to be revised.

And does anyone know how they are going to handle the HGSS volumes that will be released this year? Is it going to be a new series or will they call it Volumes 41, 42 and 43? (Despite how the previous five-ish volumes not being released yet.)

Oh and for the BW chapters, they WILL re-release the volumes with more chapters, right? The Japanese volume releases will have changes from the magazine versions so it probably would be a good idea for Viz to keep up with the changes as well.