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Conkledurr: IVS:Flawless and I believe this is the spread:120 HP / 252 Atk / 136 SpD level 100.
OT Quote Alakazam: IVS: 31/30/31/30/31/30(hpfire70), the spread is 252sp attack/252 speed level 70
OT Dawn Electivire: IVS: 31/29/17/31/31/31, the spread is 252 attack/252 speed level 100
OT Kaiser Growlithe:IVS flawless and yes it is UT
OT Amere Rhypherior IVS: flawless, I have no idea on the spread but it is fully eved, level 50
OT Shell Glaceon: IVS: 31/3/31/30/30/31(HPground 7) the spread is 252 sp attack/252hp level 24
Adamant Mudkip IVS: flawless and UT
Calm Snorkax:IVS:flawless except sp attack, UT nn totoro
OT Robert Whimsicott IVS: flawless the spread is 252 hp/252 sp def level 100
I definitely want the Whimsicott, Snorlax, Mudkip, Growlithe, and Conkledurr. Can I ask about some possible others?

Adamant Dragonite (IVs, etc)
OT Hera Heatran (IVs? UT or T?)
OT Quote Mamoswine (IVs, etc)
OT dark Chandelure (IVs, etc)