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Thread: using charizard regardless of tiers

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    Quote Originally Posted by your boss View Post
    This is the truth but Charizard literally sucks in Ubers, it sits at just a little bit above 1% of usage. Admit it, Charizard will never outclass Reshiram/Ho-oh/Blaziken. Reshiram can do anything Charizard does, Ho-oh has Regenerator to recover from stealth rocks and Blaziken can just Protect itself to gain a Speed Boost. That's not all, most run Blaze as the ability lol. In OU, it doesn't fare well in that tier. NU is where it can at least shine.
    2 of which are legendaries
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    Female Alakazam. Oh hot damn I love a girl with a mustache.
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    You don't think a muscular female body builder without a shirt isn't disturbing? I guess we're all different when it comes to social norms...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdrawer View Post
    2 of which are legendaries
    Do you know what tiers or ubers are? Ubers is pretty much the free-for-all for competitive players where pokemon that are usually banned are allowed.

    That's why it's so silly for people to use Charizard in Ubers battles; the competition is just far to much, and it'll never be able to out damage a maximum special attack Reshiram.
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