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Thread: What are you drinking right now ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie View Post
    CH3COOH all day errdayyyyy
    Drinking straight vinegar? Unless I'm missing something and that's just the name of some other drink. Otherwise it would have to be vinegar, as that's the only potable liquid I know of that contains acetic acid.

    People who drink CH3CH2OH all day, on the other hand, probably have liver problems and a poor sense of judgment. I only drink it at night, usually in the form of fermented grape juice.

    Erm, what topic were we on again? Ah yes, what we're drinking now. I currently have a cup of leftover cherry cola from the fast-food place I went to yesterday next to me; I want to drink it before it goes flat (it's almost flat now, actually). Which is odd, since I hardly ever drink soda (I have only 1-2 cups of it per week).
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    Coca-Cola, out of the glass bottle.

    Nothing is more refreshing.
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    A nice glass of lemon ice tea.

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