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Thread: Pokémon League Aspertia Gym TCGO Codes GIVEAWAY!

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    Thumbs up Pokémon League Aspertia Gym TCGO Codes GIVEAWAY!

    Hey! Five of my friends and I are playing TCG in a Pokémon League, but two of us do not play online. Each of us got a code, so two are not being used. And I thought maybe someone would like to have them. No tricks or anything; I just really enjoy this game and wouldn't like these codes to go to waste.

    2013-02-04 11.11.04.jpg

    I was always a big nerd, so this is what I'm asking: show me proof of your best grades (recent report card, just blank out any personal info), and I'll send you a picture of the card and code. Sounds fair?

    Seeing as it will be ongoing, I may be posting the rest of the codes for the league.

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    I don't think it's appropriate to ask people on here for pictures of their report cards. Because of that I'll be clasing this.


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