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Thread: Are you concerned about the Shadow Triad's possibility not making into Episode N?

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    I still keep forgetting these three exist O__O

    I couldn't care either way whether or not they appear, especially now that they confirmed they're not the Striaton Trio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Locormus View Post
    This too.. However, a short cameo of Triad is likelier then a the Frigate showing up at this point, because it would serve no purpose.. plotwise.
    I'm not sure the Triad would serve any purpose at this point, either, and shoehorning in a role for a group of characters who haven't shown their faces at all so far would be kinda cruddy writing.

    Actually, the Frigate would be better for a cameo than the Triad, because boats don't need roles or character development. :P

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