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Thread: Nicknames for my Pokemon team

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    Default Nicknames for my Pokemon team

    Hello Everyone

    I have a pokemon team that i wanted nicknames for.

    I already thought of some for most of them, but any new ideas are appreciated.

    So , here goes:

    Drillbur-Ironhide(for when he becomes an Excadrill and gains a steel type)

    I dont want to change my Dewotts name, and dont really like my Sawks name, so please help out.

    The last thing is, when i posted a thread about nicknames for my Sawk, the thread was shut down and it said "No threads for game help - Newbie forum Rules - Shutting" can some one tell me what it means.


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    oh and as a side note, i have read the rules and faqs and i found no mention of this message.
    I am not whining but am new and would like to kno

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    Evidently you didn't read them, because it's rule number three.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie View Post
    3) This forum is only for asking for help with the forums and intro threads. This is not a place for:
    -Help in the Pokemon games or any other games. That goes in the forum of the game you need help with.
    -Help with your website or other technology-related problem. That goes in Webmasters & Websites or Tech Help.
    -Suggestions or questions about the main site, SPP, or the chatrooms. That goes in Serebii.Net Discussion or Chatroom Discussion.
    -Advice or any other problems. That goes in Miscellaneous discussion.
    -Help finding art, banners, Trainer Cards, or other things. That goes in Fan Art Shops.
    -Asking about an infraction or other punishment. That goes to the moderator who gave it to you, or the Staff Contact forum.
    Threads asking for help with nicknames don't turn out very well, because it's basically a "give me a name and I might use it" thread that has no purpose or point of discussion. If you want want a random word, get a dictionary, turn to any page, use the fourth entry down. Instant nickname.

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    Thanks, but does anyone know where i can get some help with pokemon nicknames

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