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Thread: Legend of the Seven Swords: Journey to The Ends Plain

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    Default Legend of the Seven Swords: Journey to The Ends Plain

    Years of war have left the Plains of the Struggle Familia at Ends Meet, or the massive mountains of the western hemisphere, the Familia is in a desperate tide of destruction and pain amongst the masters who seek prosper among this and many other wars.

    "In a time of war, a man must decide on whether or not fight for freedom or love. Well men, I choose freedom!" A brown bearded, young man who sports a grey breast plate and scuffled blue trousers, encourages his people of the upending war of the west. This man is called Avilous Struggle, an inventor and powerful with long ranged weapons. "Good speech brother now 'bout those pigs in a blanket..." Avilous's younger sister Amber Struggle would imply in her natural, coy manner. She has long red curls that stretch down to the inner knees of her legs, a shimmering dress paved in blood from slaughtering animals and invaders with her close range ax combo she labels Death Pick, for she sings a song of death as she brutally murders anything she sees as an enemy. Then there's Hughey Struggle or the annoying son of the father in the Familia, he has the most unruly hair of the boys he has blood ties with the father, he also has a Chinese type mustache, a white tee, and regular brown pants. The father, a hero from the Other Land, is an upstanding, righteous man whom cares deeply for his children and only want the very best for them, little does he know two of his children despise peace and plot to over throw him so they can attempt to kill the westerners and up rise to be king/queen of the East ad West hemispheres. "Such foolish children, do they really think I'll fall so easy? I am Lufious Damuel of the Damuel Familia! I can never die to brats, can I brother?" Lufious says, looking at Avilous. The father of the Struggle Familia, Dorgus-Lituma(King) Struggle, is also unaware one of his four boys has joined forces with his old enemy, Vexus-Liumta(Ruler) Damuel, and seeks to kill his Familia of the East.

    While the war between Familia's wage on, The Spirits of High watch the feud from the Castle of Legend, in the Northern Hemisphere, in which no mortal of sin can travel for their burdens will consume them and cloud their eyes. Knowing this, The struggle and Damuel Familia's have labeled the castle forbidden and no child may travel there under any circumstance. Within the castle lives seven warriors who bested monsters, rouge wizards, and powerful war lords, all of them have earned the right to live forever. All except one, Jelius Franz, an archer that could pierce anything, especially the hearts of women. This is his downfall, he broke the first rule of the Legendary Hero Familia, Thy shaft must cleanse thy self lest ye cast out of the Castle of Legend. In other words, flirting isn't allowed amongst Legends, so the Legendary Seven Swords is missing one sword. This upsets the bounds of time and may cause the war to drag out more and more, thus destroying the world completely. Do you have what it takes to be a legend?

    Please fill out the sign up please, there are main characters in this, some weren't mentioned but are important.

    Main Characters(reserves only)
    Name: Avilous Struggle

    Age: 21

    Class: Archer Blade, uses bows and swords

    Main Weapon: Short wooden bow, long steel sword

    Affliction: Good

    Alignment: Good

    Best stats: Dexterity, Stamina, Endurance, and Strength

    Sign up sheet(for extras only)






    Best Stats:


    Available Characters(Struggle)

    Avilous Struggle

    Amber Struggle

    Hughey Struggle

    Dorgus Struggle

    Granger Struggle

    Hitou Struggle

    Yomon Struggle

    Available Characters(Damuel)
    Lufious Damuel

    Vexus Damuel

    Sam Damuel

    Zell Damuel

    Litona-Miamota Damuel

    John Damuel

    Elton Damuel

    Available Characters(Seven Swords of Legend)

    Zechardo Bendrey

    Dean Mozeroty

    Nechnoma Mushido

    Catherine Buvado

    Helena Kush

    Zen Lord
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