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Thread: Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot! (773)

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    Ah, this was a much needed episode. Guess we can also throw BW23 and BW24 out the window (unfortunately) since this is the first time Ash and co. have met Looker and TP.

    While I may be upset that TR didn't recognize Looker, they did appear briefly at the scene. So next time, they might recognize each other.

    Also glad that they said "Were blasting off again!", it just isn't the same when they don't say it.

    Colress' voice is great, and so is Angie's (wonder if the dub will call her by that name, though). Although, I'll need to get use to Ghetsis' voice.

    Colress also may had evil intentions, but he still cares to bring out the power/potential of Pokemon. Y'all saw how sincerely impressed he was by Ash breaking Pikachu out of their control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil133 View Post
    This is false. In the military female officers are referred as "ma'am" or by their rank , definitely not as sir.
    I'm not honestly sure, but Angie wasn't the first. Hunter J was always referred to as "sir" by her henchmen.

    Quote Originally Posted by marioluigifan05 View Post
    Anyone else really hate that blast off scene at the end?
    It was my favorite part, actually. The comedic TRio has always been my favorite characters on the show. And Wobbufet, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalladeRocks View Post
    Hunter J was always referred to as "sir" by her henchmen.
    She was? I never watched the English dub of DP so I wouldn't know :P

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    This was an awesome introduction of Team Plasma. After the cancellation of BW23 and BW24, this episode was much needed for Team Plasma to make their proper anime appearance.

    Ghetsis seemed more evil than he was his game counterpart. Colress's portrayal was cool too, I liked how he manipulated the minds of the Pokémon with his mind-control machine. His english dub voice was great, it was even better than his voice in the BW2 game's english trailer In my opinion. Aldith was a cool female Team Plasma grunt too, she's the only one who had a doubt about Colress's behaviour. Also, she was hot.
    I loved the scene where Ash stopped manipulated Pikachu from behaving out of control, it's nice to see the strong bond between them.

    I liked how Team Rocket was both goofy and competent in this episode. I've always thought that Team Rocket's personality should be a mix between goofy/funny and competent instead of them being just goofy, but sadly Team Rocket went back to their goofy selves after the N arc. :/

    Seeing Looker again was cool, it's kinda funny when he said "Best Fishes" at the end of the episodes(that was irony tbh).

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    Too bad Looker hasn't appeared again after this episode, but at least there's hope of another return if they ever bring Team Flare to the show. I find it funny that in both this episode and Looker's last episode, Team Rocket managed to help save the day. In the last one, Carnivine learned vine whip to get everyone out of the pit. In this episode, they destroy the machine controlling the wild pokemon. Awesome. I wish Team Plasma hadn't blasted them off when they were making a clean getaway, though. >. The whole thing with Pikachu being manipulated to turn on Ash reminded me a lot of "Pikachu Re-Volts" too, but at least Ash got Pikachu to snap out of it.

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    Not that it was any less neat to find out it was looker who was disguised as that old guy, but still I had a feeling he was going to make an appearance during this point in the show. I mean, he did help you in the games. Don't mean to compare two things with different sets of mechanics, though.

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    Colress using technology to control pokemon including Ash's Pikachu and Iris' Axew reminded me of Butch and Cassidy's second scheme. ^^; I liked seeing Ghetsis' hologram and Looker's return as well.

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    So we finally got introduced to Achroma and some Plasma-dan grunts. I thought that Pikachu, Kibago, and those wild Pokemon ganging up on Satoshi and friends was pretty hardcore, although you'd think that Pikachu would be immune to mind control by now. Also, I liked that Handsome got involved here.

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