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    Hello there!
    I'm new to all this, but I thought it was about time to post a fanfic I've been thinking of writing for a while now! So hopefully you'll enjoy it! I apologise now if it isn't up to standard.

    The first chapter is PG (it may change further into story, don't know where exactly it's going yet)

    *Don't own Pokemon, but I do own this story*

    Chapter 1 - On the Gym Front (part 1):

    ‘I choose you!’ a young trainer called as he threw a red and white sphere into the air. The young trainer, Sam, was not much older than eleven. He stood in the trainer’s box outside the battle arena, which was an enormous pool. He wore a baggy red t-shirt and dark blue board shorts that fell past his knees. His medium, dark brown hair was wet with sweat, but not because he was exhausted from battle, it was because he was nervous. Even though it was his second gym battle, this particular Gym Leader was showing no mercy, he now had one Pokémon left, while she had two.

    From within, an orange canine with black strips emerged, and now stood fiercely; waiting for the opponent to make their move. The Pokéball flew back to the young boy, who caught it in his trembling hands. His brown eyes shifted back to the battle field. Staryu; the opponent’s second Pokémon, stood proudly on the platform parallel to his Growlithe, its red gem shining brilliantly from the light reflecting from the glass panelled roof.

    ‘The challenger has like one Pokémon remaining, let the battling commence!’ a blonde-haired girl announced from the side of pool, raising both her arms simultaneously.

    ‘Okay Staryu, Rapid Spin!’

    With no hesitation, the brown star-shaped Pokémon, leapt into the air and started to spin at an incredible speed towards the dog Pokémon.

    ‘Move out the way Growlithe!’

    ‘Grow!’ Growlithe called as it dodged to the left with ease.

    ‘Alright Growlit-’


    A high pitched yelp sounded in the arena, as the Staryu collided with Growlithe from behind.

    ‘Growlithe! Are you okay?’ he beckoned to his Pokémon. The Growlithe nodded and jumped to its feet, but whimpered as it put weight on its front right foot.

    ‘But, how did Staryu do that so quickly?’ Sam called out, his brows furrowing.

    ‘I’ve had my Staryu for a very long time, not to mention we’ve practiced Rapid Spin to many times to know that Pokémon can dodge it when they can see it coming. But they don’t expect it to come hurtling back from behind twice as fast!’

    ‘Wow.’ the boy said in awe, but was interrupted by the terrifying thought the match could be over at any second. His Growlithe’s foot was injured; Agility and Quick Attack would now be useless.

    ‘Damn, we worked so hard on developing those attacks, and fire moves are hopeless against water. I’m such an idiot! I shouldn’t be a trainer; I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do!’

    He peered at his opponent, a slender girl with one hand perched on her hip, the other dangling at her side. She wore a sleeveless lemon yellow vest, with a sky blue collar and button, underneath was a blood red top that was tucked into short shorts, which were also lemon yellow, and orange sneakers that complemented her orange hair, tied out to the side in a pony tail. Her name was Misty, and she was the leader of the Cerulean City Gym.

    Her Staryu had easily defeated his Squirtle, and now Growlithe was in trouble.

    ‘Think positive, Sam! I can do this.’

    He looked towards his Growlithe who was also staring at him with its dark brown eyes.

    ‘No, we can.’

    They both nodded at it each other, and now looked towards their opponent both in their battle stance.

    ‘Go Growly!’

    ‘Grow, Growwwwwww!’ Growlithe vibrantly called as it quickly hobbled across the platforms in the water arena.

    ‘There must be something I can do.’ he said to himself.

    In front of him, Misty had already ordered Staryu into a Rapid Spin. Once again Staryu rocketed towards Growlithe at an amazing speed.

    ‘Dodge Growlithe! And turn around quickly! Don’t take your eyes off Staryu!’

    Growlithe dodged successfully and turned around, its eyes following Staryu.

    ‘Use Flamethrower!’ Sam called.

    ‘Use Bubblebeam!’ Misty countered, lunging forward on the spot, her turquoise eyes twinkling with excitement.

    Sam watched in horror, as his quick and tactical move against Staryu backfired. Growlithe’s Flamethrower didn’t stand a chance against Staryu’s powerful Bubblebeam, and it was only a matter of seconds before it would reach Growlithe.

    ‘She’s just too quick. There must be something I can do! There must be some-…that’s it!’

    ‘Growlithe jump into the water and stay hidden!’ Sam yelled while pointing frantically towards the water.


    And with a quick bounce and a small splash, Growlithe was gone, just as Staryu’s Bubblebeam collided with the platform Growlithe had just been standing on; causing it to crumble and smash into the water.

    Vicious spray from the attack reached both sides of the arena. Sam shielded his eyes with his forearm, the blonde-haired girl Daisy, who also happened to be Misty eldest sister, cowered and shrieked as she made herself into a ball. But Misty stood there tall, her eyes calculating and intense.

    ‘Misty, like what the hell!’ Daisy screamed as she jumped up defensively.

    Sam unshielded his eyes and looked across the arena, expecting some sort of retort from the red haired Gym Leader. However, Misty just rolled her eyes, than directed them towards Sam.

    ‘That was a smart move kid; good to see that some trainers have tricks up their sleeves!’

    Sam nervously chuckled.

    ‘Ha ha, well, um, thanks.’ he replied sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

    ‘I didn’t know your Growlithe knew how to swim.’ she continued, her eyes searching around the arena. Staryu jumped back down to a platform on the water in front of Misty, panting slightly, but still rearing to fight.

    ‘I’ve taught it a bit.’ Sam replied.

    ‘You’ve done well,’ Misty beamed. Out of the corner of her she spotted Growlithe come up for a breath of air then slip back under the surface.

    ‘However, can Growlithe handle battling underwater?!’

    ‘Huh?’ Sam gulped.

    ‘Go Staryu! Create an underwater whirlpool with Rapid Spin!’ Misty ordered.

    ‘Hyah!’ Staryu proclaimed as it leapt into the water.

    ‘Growlithe, get out of the water now!’ Sam bellowed, nearing the edge of the water. But there was no luck.

    ‘While your Growlithe’s ability to swim is impressive, its lack of experience of battling underwater is a major disadvantage,’ Misty stated nonchalantly, ‘not only is Staryu a stronger swimmer, but it can also hear me while underwater. You’ve given me a great battle, but now it’s time to end this.’ Misty smirked.

    Sam watched, scared, as a whirlpool formed in the depths of arena then violently erupted into a catastrophic underwater cyclone. He could feel sweat continuously roll down the middle of his back, his palms felt clammy and numb, and even though he tried to step back out of shock, he found that his legs would not move. Whether he wanted to or not, it looked like he had to watch his Pokémon suffer the consequences of Misty, and her powerful Staryu.

    In the midst of the pool, Sam could see Staryu moving in a circular motion at an incredibly pace, and swirling with it, was an orange blur; Growlithe, spluttering and yelping.

    ‘Oh no.’ Sam whimpered.

    Misty remained calm as she watched on.

    Sam continued to stare at his helpless Growlithe spin uncontrollably around the middle of the whirlpool then circle its way towards the surface, then shoot unmercifully back down towards the bottom, the process repeating over and over again.

    ‘We can’t lose, we’ve gotten this far.’

    ‘Maybe if I...’

    ‘Growlithe aim a Flamethrower at the wall of the pool when I tell you too.’

    Growlithe nodded and braced itself for another gruelling lap in the whirlpool.

    Misty watched, intrigued. ‘What is he up to?’

    ‘Okay Growlithe get ready!’

    Growlithe’s eyes narrowed and focussed on the wall.

    ‘Now! Flamethrower!’

    Misty watched as Growlithe’s Flamethrower ricocheted with the side of the pool wall. At first nothing happened, but as the intensity of attack increased, the force pushed Growlithe out of the whirlpool!

    ‘Yes! Alright Growly!’ Sam cheered, as Growlithe leapt up onto a nearby platform.

    ‘Nice move there Sam!’ Misty called from across the arena.

    ‘Erh thanks Misty!’ Sam replied.

    ‘Growlithe is unable to battle, Staryu wins! Victory goes to Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader!’ Daisy cried, raising her arm in Misty’s direction.

    ‘Huh?! Oh no!’ Sam gasped.

    In front of him, Growlithe was lying there semi-unconscious and puffing exhaustibly.

    Without thought, Sam jumped into the water and swam with all speed towards his defeated Pokémon.

    ‘Growlithe, are you okay?’ he puffed as grabbed a hold of the platform Growlithe laid upon.


    ‘You fought well.’ he mumbled.

    ‘Actually, you fought extremely well.’ a cheery voice replied.

    Sam turned around to see Misty, crouching next to the pool beside him.

    ‘Thanks, and I’m really proud of my Pokémon especially Growlithe, but, we lost and…I feel like it’s my fault.’

    ‘Your fault? You trained your Pokémon great, especially for someone new to Pokémon training. The reason you lost is because your Pokémon are new to it too; they need more experience, like you. Your Growlithe was a standout, not many Pokémon can escape Staryu’s Rapid Spin!’ Misty smiled at Sam and Growlithe, than reached into her back pocket.

    ‘And that is why you deserve this.’ Bringing her arm and enclosed fist into view, and opening to reveal a beautiful drop-shaped badge.

    Sam’s jaw dropped. ‘The Cascade Badge!’

    Misty nodded.

    ‘But I lost! I only defeated one of your Pokémon! I don’t understand.’

    ‘I do things I little differently around here. While most gyms merit badges to those who defeat all their Pokémon, I award mine on the quality of battle. Your Pokémon fought brilliantly today, and you used interesting and smart tactics not only offensively but defensively! Trainers today think battles rely on offensive attacks alone, but sometimes defence is the key.’

    ‘Oh’ Sam replied quietly.

    ‘There’s also another reason I am giving you this badge today. When you’re battling, it’s not your Pokémon out there fighting, it’s you as well. They rely on you to navigate them in order to help them succeed! You wouldn’t believe the amount of trainers that waltz in here demanding a battle, all the while treating their Pokémon like slaves. You and your Weedle, Squirtle and Growlithe demonstrated a bond and a trust that earned my respect and a badge. You should be proud to call yourself a trainer, and with the skills and Pokémon you have, I can guarantee a bright future.’

    Misty held her arm out, her palm facing upwards revealing the badge.

    Sam stared at it in a trance, and then gently picked it out of her hands. He held it between his index finger and his thumb, than started laughing.

    ‘I can’t believe it; I’ve got a Cascade Badge!’ Sam gleefully proclaimed.

    Misty smiled as she watched the boy spin around on the spot and punch the air, as Growlithe jumped around at his feet, barking happily.

    She couldn’t help but laugh happily as well, but thought how much this kid reminded her of someone…
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