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Thread: Fire red Vileplume

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    Default Fire red Vileplume

    Hello, I have a shiny Vileplume so I'd really like to keep her lol
    She is lonely and the IVs are 28-29 15-17 8-9 3-5 26-28 20-22.
    I know she has kinda shitty special attack, so I gave her sludge bomb, since her physical isn't that bad.
    Any tips on moveset or EVs?

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    It's a shame that Swords Dance is an egg move because that would've been the perfect set. Just go with Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb and Sleep Powder/Moonlight. In-game, that's probably the most useful set anyway. Sunny Day makes Vileplume faster than everything.
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    Honestly, Just transfer it to Generation 5 where it has itself a physical/special split... that & it'll make the Vileplume more valuable.

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