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Thread: Best team for Battle Tower???

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    Default Best team for Battle Tower???

    i'm trying to add a star on my trainer card ^^

    but i find it really difficult after 30 or 40 battles in the battle tower...

    which team do you suggest? i've tried multiple combinations in both double and single battles but no result... can you suggest a team with these? any other alternative is welcomed!


    i own almost every pokemon so be free to suggest whatever you like!
    move sets also if you like

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    Here's something interesting that I've used ; It's quite the gimmick but I've managed some great steaks with it. It won't be compatible with your list here though

    Shuppet @ Focus sash
    Brave, EV's : 252 ATK

    Trick Room
    Destiny Bond
    Sucker Punch

    Shuppet ! The basic move combination is Trick room+Destiny bond, as the AI is sure to make the kill on turn 2. However, when dealing with slower opponents, it is sometimes better to switch out or simply sac Shuppet without trick room. I've once defeated a Rotom 1 on 1 with this Shuppet using sucker punch, and it will be useful upon finishing threats that have been brought down by Machamp etc. Try to keep Shuppet alive though. For example, if you manage to get TR up and the opponent misses/doesn't affect him or setups, it is better to switch right away (in most situations). Avoid keeping him for last though, or wasting your sash in Tyranitar's sand. That said, when battling opposing Tyranitar/Hippodown/Abomasnow leads you should switch to Machamp, as they can't do much to him.

    Machamp @ Toxic Orb
    Brave, EV's : 252 ATK, 196 HP, 60 Def

    Cross chop/Stone Edge
    Fire punch/Ice punch/Vacuum Wave

    Machamp is very effective under Trick room. I originally didn't carry Protect, but it allows you to attack with the guts boost right away and avoid unnessecary damage that I found really annoy g after a while. Facade OkHos many threats. Pretty straight forward for the rest, choose moves according to what you want to hit. Oh, and the Defensive EVs help when facing opposing Machamp/Haryama. Those are probably the biggest threats to your team. They will bulk up and Facade usually ends up being a 3kho or a 4ko. The defensive EVs allow for Machamp to be 2Ko'ed by +2 Haryama Vital throw, and that's good enough for me. Note that you don't need Ice punch for dragons, but that I found it useful to take out Garchomps before the guts boost to prevent a boosted Areal Ace.

    Tyranitar @ Sitrus Berry
    Adamant, EV's : Something complicated, but I'm sure that 252 ATK, 252HP, 4 SDef would work
    Sand stream

    Rock slide/Stone Edge
    Focus punch/Earthquake

    Again, fairly offensive. In the best case scenario, Tyranitar will switch onto a Psychic/Flying/Ground/Water(Special) attack aimed at Machamp, Substitute, and proceed to sweep the rest of the team. Although it is quite difficult to use, it is really useful. Note that sand stream + Substitute helps against sashed Pokemon that Tyranitar cannot beat that Machamp brought to red.

    I designed this team to be effective against Ai, and it takes advantage of it's predictability. It's certainly a fun team that gets you reliable results. Try it out ! good luck !

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    Hmm, it sounds a bit strange to me but it could work... but a find it a bit difficult for 100 battles! still, i will keep it in mind, thanks a lot!

    1 question, why shuppet and not banette?

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    In DP, it's the team that's got me the furthest, although it's mainly conceived for fun and originality values. I'm sure one could find a superior choice to Shupped. Maybe an offensive dusknoir ? It'd be able to perform the same role while being able to damage things...

    Shuppet for two reasons :

    The obvious trolling value


    Shuppet's base speed is 20 points lower than banette's, which allows it to perform the Trick room + Destiny bond "trick" by under speeding more leads such as Walrein and some metagross that would under speed Baneete. Moreover, Shuppets lower defenses are useful in this scenario as it's main value is to use destiny bond.

    Edit : This team also guarantees you wins against both of the Tower Tycoon's teams
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    right now i'm trying with Raikou,Infernape and Tyranitar.... let's see ^^

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