I am Currently setting up a team for a Tournament in Vancouver a few months from now. Keep in mind the the team is meant for Double Battles. My current team is:

Umbreon @Leftovers
Calm Nature, Synchronize
252 Speed and Health EV's, 4 Defense EV's
-Confuse Ray

Garchomp @Dragon Gem
Naive Nature, Rough Skin
252 Attack and Speed EV's, 4 Health EV's
-Stealth Rock
-Earth Power
-Fire Blast
-Dragon Tail

Milotic @Splash Plate
Lonely Nature, Marvel Scale
252 Health and Defense EV's, 4 Speed EV's
-Ice Beam
-Dragon Tail

Togekiss @Shell Bell
Jolly Nature, Serene Grace
252 Health EV's, 56 Defense EV's, 200 Speed EV's
-Aura Sphere
-Air Slash
-Thunder Wave

Froslass @Focus Sash
Timid Nature, Cursed Body
252 Health and Speed EV's, 4 Defense EV's
-Shadow Ball
-Destiny Bond

Spritomb @Dark Gem
Bold Nature, Pressure
252 Health and Defense EV's, 4 Speed EV's
-Dark Pulse
-Calm Mind
-Sleep Talk

Garchomp and Froslass are to be my leaders, setting up Stealth Rock and Spikes. Using Dragon Tail whenever possible to cause entry damage. Umbreon is Non negotiable however, I can tweek his Moveset and I am sure on keeping everyone except Spiritomb as long as there are other suggestions. The natures on Togekiss and Milotic are non negotiable however I can change the natures of the other Pokemon. Any other support would be very helpful!