Hello everyone

I have visited serebii for a long time and finally decided to join.

I would like people to recommend good pokemon for my team.

I already have:

Dewott level 26
Nature: Lonely
Movepool: Razor shell, Rock smash, Tackle, Water gun

Darumaka: level 21
Nature: Adamant
Movepool: Fire punch, Fire Fang, Headbutt, Facade

Petilil: level 20
Nature: Modest
Movepool: Leech seed, Magical leaf, Sleep powder, Growth

Sawk: level 21
Nature: Bashful
Movepool: Double kick, Low Sweep, Rock Smash, Counter

Drilburr: level 26
Nature: Relaxed
Movepool: Dig, Metal claw, Rock smash, Slash

And i plan to get a archen as soon as I can

Does anyone have any better ideas or want to give me some better movepools?