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    I made this deck because I had these cards just kicking around, it's no where near tough enough to take down my ray eels decklist but I thought I would make it to have fun with the build.

    2-0-1 hydreigon
    2 sableye
    1 mewtwo EX
    1 keldeo EX
    2 darkrai EX
    1 victini (v-create

    2 DCE
    2 GRPD blend
    4 prism
    7 dark energy

    2 juniper
    4 N
    3 skyla
    4 cheren
    2 plus power
    3 hypnotoxic laser
    3 dark patch
    3 catcher
    4 rare candy
    3 ultra ball
    1 switch
    1 dark claw
    1 battle city
    1 super rod

    Why is this not in rate my decklist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ven? View Post
    Why is this not in rate my decklist?
    No idea. But I just moved it there for you.

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