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    Hi there you

    I'm Camiel, I started playing Pokémon Blue when I was like 10/11 years old. I didn't knew English that well at that age, but man, did I enjoy picking my first Pokémon (), beating the Elite Four, catching Mewtwo and speculating at the schoolyard about the truck next to the S.S. Anne where Mew would supposed to be.

    After my Blue adventure, I didn't played until Ruby but that one didn't stick too much because as a teenager 'it wasn't cool' to play Pokémon so I dropped Pokémon and exchanged my cartridge for Golden Sun after too many 'friends' picking on me. Besides that, it was the time I got in touch with computer games like MoH AA, GTA and more of that stuff.

    After killing a lot of a mix of soldiers (FPS games), I decided I wanted to play something more relaxing rather than frustrating. Surfing the internet, I came across Pokémon Black when looking for RPG games. I remember the time I played Blue and got me a DS Lite cheap and Pokémon Diamond, Platinum, Soulsilver and Black for even cheaper

    Started playing Black, enjoyed it more than ever and sticked with it. The more I played, the more my curiosity rised about collecting, breeding, training Pokémon. I would search things on the internet and many, many times people referred to Serebii on other sites.

    And that's how I ended up writing this piece. I enjoyed writing this and I hope I enjoy surfing around the forum. My first stop will be the Dex Entry trading part. I have all of the Unova Pokés except for Landorus (and Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect).

    That is all, have fun and catch 'em all!
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    Wow, you've gone through a lot. People like you restore my faith in humanity. but I digress, Welcome! If you need any assistance or anything, don't be afraid to ask for it. Most of the people here are nice. And for someone you really like to talk with, send them a FR (friend request). You can post on any thread, join a club and more! And don't be afraid to join a club or start a conversation. I know it sounds like a lot, but its easy to get used to it. I hope you find the forums as fun and helpful as I do!
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    I appreciate your telling us all about your history with the series; it was an interesting read. I'm glad to see it was Gen 4 that you really came back on since I'm kind of a Gen 4 fanboy.

    We're glad to have you back in the poke-fold
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