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Thread: PMD: Distortion! Sign Ups!

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    Default PMD: Distortion! Sign Ups!

    So I thought id do a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP, kinda like my Fic.


    Location: Wigglytuff's Office in His Guild!

    "Yoom-Tah! Chatot? Is there any news for exploration teams yet?"

    "No. Sir, it, um doesnt seem like anyone wants to become and exploration team!" The guildmaster's right hand bird said.

    "You think they would! After the legends of old that have come from here!" Wigglytuff said.

    "Well... More disasters have struck. This is probably what puts them off!"

    "So true Chatot... YOOM-TAH!" The wigglytuff shouted making Chatot jump...

    So you are a pokemon wanting to start an exploration team! All you need to do is fill this is below!

    Species of pokemon: (No legendaries, only first evo for now. You may evolve later on!
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Alternate changesOptional, something that makes you stand out from ordinary pokemon of your species?)

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    Please read the rules regarding signups.

    ___(insert witty admonishment here)___

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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