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Thread: Pokemon Movies: BD vs DVD

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    Default Pokemon Movies: BD vs DVD

    I was wondering if anyone had some non-compressed screenshots to compare the quality of Miramax's BD releases of the Pokemon movies, to the dvd ones. I want to get the bluray ones for the bundling, quality and longer life, but they don't include the Pikachu shorts, so I'm stuck.

    Or if anyone who has them could comment on this matter, that'd be fine too.
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    I'm looking for an old piece of art I requested on here years ago and lost. It was a brown-haired girl with a pink wristband riding a Torterra. If you think you have this picture saved or have seen it somewhere please let me know and send it to me.

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    I don't have screenshots, but movies 5, 6, and 7 all look substantially better (5 still has the blue color cast, however, implying this is the master transfer the original DVD was based on). 4 looks a bit better, but isn't really that great of a transfer in terms of sharpness.

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