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Thread: Unusual things or offers on the gts

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    Default Unusual things or offers on the gts

    Just wondering if anyone has seen weird, silly, ridiculous, strange, or weird offers on the gts.

    I've seen a few, but one of them was the most unusual.

    I looked up darkrai just to see if it was allowed (after an update) to be traded.

    It wasn't, but someone somehow was able to put one in the gts, asking for another darkrai. It wasnt there the next day, but as I already knew events weren't allowed to be traded, it was kind of strange to see.

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    I went online one night and saw like 6 shiny eevees for various things. Snatched up 4 of them in ten minutes. Still never seen a cluster like that again.
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    I once saw a shiny aromtisse for machoke , ran to the friend safari to catch one i was too late i always see shinys/rayquazas but im just too slow >.<
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    Not trying to sound rude or anything, but we kind of already have a GTS thread.
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    As pointed out, we already have a thread for this. Please look around before creating threads.

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