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Thread: Which Games Have Your Favourite...

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    Default Which Games Have Your Favourite...

    With the Pokémon franchise approaching its 20th anniversary, I thought it would be fun to do a little retrospective and ask what members love about each of the games. I’ve put together a short list, but feel free to add any that you can think of!

    So to get the ball rolling, which games had your favourite:

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    [B]Elite Four:[/B]
    [B]Evil Team/s:[/B]
    [B]New/Improved Mechanic:[/B]

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    Pokémon: X and Y- Greninja

    Starters: X and Y- It has Greninja

    Legendaries:Ruby and Sapphire- Rayquaza and Deoxys

    Region:Ruby and Sapphire- No place like Hoenn

    Protagonists:Ruby and Sapphire- Brendan and May

    Rival:Gold and Silver- He has a well developing character

    Professor:X and Y- Froakie and a Kanto starter

    Gym Leaders: Gold and Silver- Gym leaders like Jasmine and Janine

    Elite Four:Gold and Silver- Will and Karen especially

    Champion:Ruby and Sapphire- Steven is awesome

    Evil Team/s:Ruby and Sapphire- It was interesting how they despise the other team *shrug*

    Plot:Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire- It was a ruse.

    Music:Ruby and Sapphire- Mainly the overworld themes

    New/Improved Mechanic: Gold and Silver- I appreciate the Special Split
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    Pokémon: Definitely Ruby and Sapphire. Sceptile is my all time favourite and I also love Gardevoir, Aggron, Salamence, Torkoal, Glalie, Metagross and a bunch of others I forget.

    Starters: RS again, though DP are a close second.

    Legendaries: I don't think any really stand out. Mewtwo, Kyogre, Darkrai and Zekrom are my favourite legendaries and they're all from different generations. DP had a lot of mythology going on, though, so I'll go with those.

    Region: RS and DP (can you guess my favourite games?). Hoenn and Sinnoh are both large, non-linear regions with lots of pretty interesting places (Hoenn in particular - gotta love Fortree and Pacifidlog). None of the other regions can hold a candle to them IMO.

    Protagonists: Prooobably GS or BW? I don't know, I like most of the protag designs.

    Rival: Has to be Silver, although I like Gary, Barry and Hugh as well.

    Professor: RB. Oak is probably the most memorable professor, but Rowan and Sycamore are both pretty cool too.

    Gym Leaders: Gonna go with BW because they gave them all pretty cool roles in the story.

    Elite Four: None of the E4 really stand out tbh, but I'm gonna go with XY because I like their designs.

    Champion: RS and DP. Steven is awesome and Cynthia was always a challenge.

    Evil Team/s: Even if they're kind of dumb I love Team Aqua, especially in Alpha Sapphire.

    Plot: Definitely BW. Well developed characters, a tangible goal for the evil team, and gym leaders that actually have roles in the story. DP did pretty well too, though.

    Music: Gonna go with RS because of nostalgia, but BW had pretty good music too.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Hmm... BW2's repel prompt was life-changing, but the Dex Nav in ORAS kept me interested in the game for ages, so I'm gonna go with that.
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    Pokemon: I have to say DPPt. Weavile is my absolute fave Pokemon and Lucario is a close second. I love their designs and always have a Weavile on my ingame teams.

    Starters: Kanto. Again based on one of my favourite Pokemon, Blastoise. Venusaur was also one of my second ever legitimate shiny Pokemon which I got randomly on my FireRed. Still have him and love him to pieces. Charizard I'm not too fond of anymore though.

    Legendaries: I'm not really a fan of legendary Pokemon at all but if I had to pick I'd say Johto for Suicune.

    Region: Hoenn. Emerald was my fave Pokemon game and I loved exploring all the hidden areas like the ruins you use to unlock the Regi trio.

    Protagonist: Colosseum for the same reason as Psychic. Didn't like Rui though.

    Rival: Blue. He was such a jerk it made beating him satisfying each time. The nice rivals just aren't fun to face.

    Professor: I like Sycamore personally. Professor Oak is a close second.

    Gym Leaders: Hoenn. I found them the most challenging on my first ever play of Ruby. They're also the only ones to offer double battles as opposed to single battles. Wallace is also my fave out of all the Gym Leaders.

    Elite Four: Hoenn again for the same reason as the Gym Leaders. Easily the hardest challenge I've faced in any play through.

    Champion: Cynthia. She had the best team and was a great way to end the DPPt games. Still prefer Wallace as a character but I chose Sceptile as my starter in Emerald and his team didn't last too long.

    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic. Best music, goofy designs, and the best plot to take over the world. The anime's portrayal of them was awesome too. And Saturn is one of my fave characters.

    Plot: I'm not sure what my fave is. Probably the part in Platinum with the Distirtion World.

    Music: I like all the music so I don't really have a favourite. The Galactic Commander music, both of Miror B's themes, theXD Cipher Admin and Greevil's theme, and Zinnia's themes are probably my faves.

    New/Improved Mechanics: If it counts, Emerald's Battle Frontier. Absolutely loved the challenges and was heartbroken when it didn't appear in ORAS. All those hints are cruel. Found a shiny Volbeat in the Battle Factory, a shiny Seaking in the Tower and my cousin found a shiny Lileep in the Pyramid so I have some good/bad shiny luck there too.
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    Pokémon:DPPt because they introduced a lot of new evolutions and pre-evolutions. Porygon, my favorite Pokemon, got the third stage it deserved. Gallade, Mismagius, Honchkrow, Roserade, Froslass... Just a few Pokemon that gave their pre-evolved forms more justice. Gardevoir is just as nice as Gallade, but I liked the direction of a physical and special split for Ralts and Kirlia.
    Starters: Hoenn. Blaziken is forever the original Fire/Fighting type. It was the first Pokemon I ever go to Level 100. (Back in Emerald). Who doesn't like Mudkipz?
    Legendaries: Black and White 2. Splicing LEGENDARIES and Meloetta.
    Region: Johto. I grew up playing Silver a lot, and it's basically my home region.
    Protagonists: Platinum. Growing up in a place with a lot of snow, it really felt like home seeing them in coats and scarves.
    Rival: Wally. No explanation why, he's just always been my favorite. Barry is my second favorite.
    Professor: Sycamore 10/10 would bang
    Gym Leaders: DPPt had more coverage on types, but my favorite is Emerald. Juan, you are definitely missed.
    Elite Four: RSE ORAS. Best type coverage this late in the game, and Drake gives justice for Dragon types.
    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic from DPPt. Cyrus wants to destroy the universe and he doesn't even care. Damn.
    Plot: Emerald. Trying to save the world from either too much land or too much water. EPIC RAYQUAZA ENTERANCE
    Music: RSE. Trumpets.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Emerald's Battle Frontier was one of the best mechanics that will truly be missed, but that special/physical split in DPPt... That was the greatest change.
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    Sorry if I didn't do this the right way but,

    Pokemon: Black/White. These were the games that introduced my favorite pokemon line, the Tepig line. I have liked them ever since, and I will always like them. I thought they also had cool designs and I was glad when I played as Tepig in the last two Mystery Dungeon games.

    Starters: The Unova Starters. See above.

    Legendaries: To be honest, I don't really have a favorite legendary Pokemon.

    Region: Unova. Not only because my favorite pokemon line was from Unova, but Unova is also based off New York City, the first time a region is based off a city in the United States of America.

    Protagonist: I don't know If this even counts, but each main protagonist from each of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. It is because I love the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games so much, and I like that you play as Pokemon.

    Rival: Serena. She is my favorite not because she is a rival, but because I like her in the anime, just because she chose a fire starter pokemon, and I like her design. Followed by May a close 2nd because of the same reason. Yeah, it is a silly reason, I'll admit, but still.

    Professor: I don't really have a favorite professor either.

    Gym Leaders: The Hoenn gym leaders just because I think the gym leader music is awesome. Followed by the Kalos ones a close 2nd because of the same thing.

    Elite Four: The Kalos elite four once again for the music. I thought the Kalos elite four music was the best elite four music.

    Champion: Diantha. I like her design and the music that plays when you fight her of course.

    Evil Team: Team Plasma. I like Team Rocket, but Team Plasma is my favorite Evil team, because I like the way they were portrayed in the games. They are the reason why the plot in Black and White was so great. Plus I liked the way they looked in Black 2 and White 2.

    Plot: Black and White. See above.

    Music: Every Mystery Dungeon game. I loved the music so much. Every single track was awesome.

    New/Improved Mechanic: The Jump to 3D. The new 3D games makes them look more real, and I like that Gamefreak/ Nintendo/The Pokemon Company did this.
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    Pokémon: I love many Pokemon, but I guess the most of my favorites come from Red/Green/Blue.
    Starters: R/G/B, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are some of my favorite starters.
    Legendaries: My favorites are scattered over all games, but I'll go with Johto because I love the Japanese-style places that are relevant to its Legendaries.
    Region: Johto and Kalos. They're beautiful. :P
    Protagonists: Calem and Serena. I like that you can customize them.
    Rival: Silver. Loving his development.
    Professor: Sycamore (I love his music theme :d)
    Gym Leaders: Can't decide.
    Elite Four: Kanto, Johto, Kalos. I like their designs the most, I guess.
    Champion: Diantha is pretty cool, though she doesn't do much. So, Kalos.
    Evil Team/s: Team Aqua in Alpha Sapphire.
    Plot: AS and BW, I guess.
    Music: They're all great. I'll go with XY, it has really cool music like the PokeBall Factory theme, AZ's theme, Snowbelle City theme, Anistar City theme and more.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Shiny Pokemon, introduced in Gold/Silver. :P

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    I went with generations instead of specific games.

    Pokémon: 1 and 6. My two absolute favorites are Slowpoke and Hawlucha.

    Starters: 4 and 6. I'm saying 6 specifically because of Chespin, but I think 4 has the best group of starters.

    Legendaries: I guess 3, 5, and 6. I love Kyogre. But I also love Terrakion, Zekrom, and Kyurem. Buuuut I also love Xerneas and Yveltal.

    Region: 3, hands down. Hoenn til I die.

    Protagonists: I'm just gonna say 5 because we actually got character development with sequels.

    Rival: 3. I'm a big fan of Wally's story.

    Professor: 1. C'mon. It's Oak.

    Gym Leaders: 4 and 5. I like Crasher Wake and Marlon a lot.

    Elite Four: Probably 3 with the rematch teams. I hope Z brings us cool rematch teams for the Kalos E4 with megas.

    Champion: 5. I think Iris becoming Champion was pretty cool.

    Evil Team/s: 3. Aqua and Magma, babyyy.

    Plot: 3. Can't take away from the majesty of the weather story.

    Music: 2 and 6. The music from Ecruteak City rules and I can't not mention the fun music in the gates between cities/routes in Kalos.

    New/Improved Mechanic: 2 and 3 and 4 and 6. Adding Dark and Steel type ruled, adding abilities ruled, the physical/special split ruled, and the Fairy type rules.

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    Let's go.

    Pokémon: This is difficult. I like almost all Pokemon (there are only two that I actually dislike), so quantity is actually the thing that matters the most to me. I'll go with Gen 5 / Black and White since that is when the largest amount of new Pokemon was introduced. 156 new and awesome Pokemon, more than any other generation to date.

    Starters: This is also very hard. I really like the ones from Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos, but I'm not sure which of them I like the best. If I have to pick one, I'm going to give this to... Kalos, actually. All three were really cool.

    Legendaries: Again, not very easy. I'm giving this to Unova because bias, all of the Unova legendaries were really cool.

    Region: Unova, no contest. I love everything about it. It was well designed with fantastic variation in environments, including seasons and bridges, which no other region to date has. It had an extensive post-game and the Pokemon distribution was fantastic. It also had a great layout, being perfectly linear with all the benefits that comes with that.

    Protagonists: Black 2 and White 2. Nate and Rosa are my favorites. They were very well designed in every aspect. Several others are good too, but none are better than these two.

    Rival: Bianca is my favorite because I... liked her. Don't know if I need to say more than that. Runner-ups are Cheren, Hugh and Barry. I prefer the nicer rivals that also have character development, so that's why my top four looks like that.

    Professor: Not sure. Maybe I should give this to something else than Unova just once. what am I saying you can't get rid of the bias Juniper for the win. Both of them, even.

    Gym Leaders: The Unova Gym Leaders. They were well designed in terms of how they looked, all were well created characters with personalities and they had an important part in the story too, which was wonderful to witness.

    Elite Four: Unova because I liked the Unova E4 members the best. They felt different from the other E4s in a positive way.

    Champion: Black 2 and White 2. Iris is my favorite Champion in the series. Alder and Cynthia are runner-ups.

    Evil Team/s: Team Plasma. The best team ever. They were daring and surprising. They had a goal that was different compared to the other teams. They questioned something nobody else did. And they had cool suits.

    Plot: Black and White. No contest again. Everything was extremely well done. A lot of time was put into the story for these games, and it shows. It was different and out of the ordinary. Runner-ups are Platinum, OR/AS and B2/W2 as these games also did very well in the story department.

    Music: B/W and B2/W2. Fantastic soundtrack overall with many memorable and epic tracks.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Tricky again... But I'm giving this to X/Y for Mega Evolution and Fairy Types. Runner-ups are R/S for reworking the game mechanics and making the games more playable, as well as D/P for the P/S Split.

    I'm extremely biased towards my favorite generation, and I guess it shows.

    Edit: Adding our own questions? Okay. I really wanted this question to be in there, and now it is.

    Overall favorite Game(s) / Generation: It should be obvious, but mine is Generation 5. B/W and B2/W2 are my favorite games in the series. Not going to go into any lengthy explanation so I'll put it very shortly. The generation and the games are my favorites because I found them to be the most fun to play out of all games in the entire series. That is all.
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    Pokémon: G/S/C, I like Pokémon more for nostalgia and design rather than anything competitive so I really like the Gen 2 babies. And Scizor, Heracross and Sneasel are among my all time faves

    Starters: Gonna have to be a bit Genwunner again and say R/B/Y because its the only Gen where I'd happily use any starter. I find Chikorita a bit useless. I'm really not a fan of Sceptile, or Delphox's designs. I don't really care for any of the Gen 5 starters. I like all the D/P/Pt starters but I guess nostalgia and the fact they don't have Mega's yet screws them a bit in my mind.

    Legendaries: D/P/Pt, I really like Darkrai and I always thought the way you had to play through Ranger to get Manaphy (whilst being a shameless cash in) was really interesting and cool.

    Region: Johto has always been my favorite and the visual over haul it got in HG/SS only adds to that. The autumnal look around the tower in Ecruteak City was a personal highlight. I know the level progression was all over the place but I've never been averse to a bit of grinding.

    Protagonists:Gen 6 I guess because you can actually do a bit of customizing

    Rival: Toss up between Silver or Blue but I think Silver wins just because of his connection to Team Rocket and Giovanni.

    Professor: Juniper. I know its silly to like her more than the others just because she's a woman and she added a bit of diversity, but I've always found Proffesors to be a bit to background to really form an opinion on them. I guess I also like Sycamore because he actually battles you

    Gym Leaders: Stand outs for me have always been Misty and Brock becuase of the anime. Morty because he think he's the hero thats gonna summon Ho-Oh or whatever he thinks he "foreseen" and Tate and Liza for shaking things up a bit with a double battle.

    Elite Four: I guess Johto's E4 just because it was nice seeing some old faces and Koga's progression through the ranks from Gym Leader to E4 member

    Champion:Alder purely on his design and kind of good guy personality

    Evil Team/s:Team Plasma's plan was pretty refreshing and it spanned two games better than Team Rockets did.

    Plot:OR/AS hands down. With the new visuals to accompany the old story and the whole alternate dimension thing with the Delta Episode really handled the concept of remakes in a coherent universe well.

    Music:I never play with the volume up because I've usually got the TV on in the back ground tbh...

    New/Improved Mechanic:Gen 4 adding the physical/special split. I really helped some Pokémon actually become usable. Or least let them take advantage of their STABs. Also I'm not sure if it counts but I like how every new gen brings new moves because of how much it diversifies the movesets. In the earlier games you could be stuck with something like Water Gun into Level 50's or never learn a STAB move through level up.

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    Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire. I've always said that on average, Hoenn put out my favorite Pokemon. It has great dragons like Rayquaza, Salamence, and Flygon and awesome space Pokemon like Lunatone, Solrock, and Deoxys. Space and dragons are two of my favorite things.

    Starters: Either Red and Blue or Ruby and Sapphire. Red and Blue has Charamabder, my all time favorite starter, while Ruby and Sapphire is the only games where I like all three starters decently enough, making it the best on average.

    Legendaries:: Diamond and Pearl. Not only did it have the most legendaries, but having the gods of time and space as well as just flat out God itself cannot be beaten. It also has Giratina, my all time favorite Pokemon.

    Region: Ruby and Sapphire. I don't care what people say about Hoenn, it does not have too much water. Hoenn is one of the largest regions, and certainly the most unique. The water helps to change things up too.

    Protagonists: Probably a three way tie between Red and Blue, Ruby and Sapphire, and Diamond and Pearl. Lucas was the first character I played as, Brendan practically has my name, so I've always felt connected to him, and Red is just awesome.

    Rival: Either Red and Blue or Gold and Silver. I'm more of a fan of the antagonistic rival. Rivals have been to friendly since Hoenn if you ask me.

    Professor: Red and Blue. Oak, enough said.

    Gym Leaders:: Probably Ruby and Sapphire, but it's hard to say. Honestly, I've never really thought about who my favorite gym leaders are

    Elite Four:: Same as above, Ruby and Sapphire, but not for any major reason

    Champion: Gold and Silver. Lance, the original Dragon Master.

    Evil Team/s: Diamond and Pearl. Team Galactic was just so great. Just think about it, they actually where trying to control gods. How cool is that?

    Plot: Diamond and Pearl (more specifically, Platinum). Basically see above for my comments of Team Galactic.

    Music:: Ruby and Sapphire. Hoenn definitely had the best music across the board. This is especially true when counting the stellar remixes of themes such as Frontier Brain battle and Deoxys Battle in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and the amazing add on that was Zinnia's battle theme.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Hmm...I was going to say X and Y for Mega Evolution and 3D models, but then I remembered it introduced the wretched abomination that is the Fairy-Type. So instead I'll go with Ruby and Sapphire.

    That was fun to think about.

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    Pokémon: Gen 4 as it is when Darkrai and Roserade were introduced.
    Starters: Gen 3 and 6, Gen 6 has Greninja and I like all the starters from Gen 3.
    Legendaries: Gen 2 and 4 though I also like Reshiram and Yveltal.
    Region: Gen 3, I really like Hoenn's tropical feel.
    Protagonists: Gen 2 and 3 mostly due to their appearance. I also like the main characters from BW2 (Nate and Rosa).
    Rival: Gen 1 and 4, Blue/Gary seems like the most serious rival and Barry is humourous.
    Professor: Gen 1, it is hard to top Professor Oak as the best professor.
    Gym Leaders: Gen 4, honourable mention to Gen 6 for introducing the first female Bug-type Gym Leader.
    Elite Four: Gen 5, the unique way of bringing you to each member was a nice touch.
    Champion: Gen 4, Cynthia is pretty much one of the Champions that can give a good challenge. Also like Iris and Steven as well.
    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic for the cool battle themes with Team Aqua/Magma being a close second.
    Plot: Gen 5 particularly regarding the plot twist regarding the true goal of Team Plasma in BW.
    Music: Gen 3, there is too many music tracks I like from that generation to list.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 4, definitely like the new physical/special split for attacks with Gen 6 a close second for the improved breeding mechanics.
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    Gen 3, because a lot of my favourite Pokémon are from that generation.

    Again, Gen 3. Since all of the Gen 3 starters are my favourites.

    Gen 3 for the third time. Still, they're my favourite Legendaries.

    Gen 3 for the fourth time around. Hoenn has many things including a forest, islands, jungle, caves and even a rocket launch centre.

    Gen 3 for the fifth time. I admire their designs.

    This time, Gen 4. Barry's fining quotes make me laugh.

    Always Gen 1. Oak is so memorable.

    Gym Leaders:
    Gen 3. Most of my favourite Gym Leaders are from this generation, particularly Winona and Juan.

    Elite Four:
    Gen 3. My favourite Elite Four is from this generation. I particularly admire Pheobe and Drake.

    Gen 3. Steven is just too cool for me. And Wallace is yet too beautiful.

    Evil Team/s:
    Gen 5. Like Team Plasma's B2W2 uniforms look very cool and how well developed they were in BW.

    Gen 5. How well developed BW was.

    Gen 3. The trumpets always fascinates me.

    New/Improved Mechanic:
    Gen 6. I liked new features that are Pokémon beneficial such as Pokémon-Amie and Super Training. Even Mega Evolution appeals to me.

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    Pokémon: R/S/E, I can't think of a single Hoenn 'Mon I dislike, and there's a lot I could name for ones I do like.
    Starters: R/S/E, I like all of the starters, and Sceptile is one of my favorite Pokemon.
    Legendaries: R/S/E, Lati@s, the Weather Trio, and the Golems were all awesome.
    Region: R/S/E, I liked the layout and the water routes a lot, actually.
    Protagonists: B2/W2, Nate and Rosa both have nice designs. Usually I end up disliking the male protagonists' designs, but Nate's an exception.
    Rival: B2/W2, Hugh.
    Professor: X/Y, Sycamore had a pretty cool theme, at the very least.
    Gym Leaders: B/W, overall, they were all pretty neat.
    Elite Four: DPPt's E4 was pretty good.
    Champion: R/S/e, Steven was decently challenging and had a great battle theme.
    Evil Team/s: B/W's Team Plasma, at least their plans could be taken somewhat seriously.
    Plot: B/W's, again, at least it could be taken somewhat seriously.
    Music: R/S/E, the trumpets were just too good.
    New/Improved Mechanic: DP's special/physical split, was probably the best change in the series in the last ten years.

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    Pokémon: B/W. The Deino line is my favorite overall, and the Snivy line isn't too far off. I also just like a lot of the fifth gen Pokemon in general.

    Starters: R/S. It's only the game where I'm at least slightly fond of all of the starters, where all of the others had at least one I wasn't too keen on.

    Legendaries: B/W.

    Region: X/Y

    Protagonists: B/W2. Having older protagonists for a change was nice.

    Rival: B/W2. Hotblooded, slightly dumb rival characters aren't too original, but I found Hugh the most likable regardless.

    Professor: R/B. Can't beat the original.

    Gym Leaders: B/W 2.

    Elite Four: B/W

    Champion: D/P. Cynthia's team was the toughest of them to me, because it has an extremely varied type composition with few shared weaknesses. She's just a good character in general.

    Evil Team/s: X/Y. Team Flare's theme, snazzy outfits, and goofy posing won me over. Their plan was also pretty twisted overall, considering that it was basically genocide.

    Plot: B/W. They really threw me for a loop by having the final boss not be the champion for once.

    Music: B/W 2. R/S honestly wasn't that memorable to me.

    New/Improved Mechanic: The breeding changes in X/Y. Making flawless/nearly flawless Pokemon a lot more accessible to people who aren't cheaters was a huge step in the right direction. Still waiting for the day they simply allow IVs to be increased/decreased, though. Mega Evolution was also a good way to make some previously mediocre Pokemon stand out more. I'm kind of neutral about the Fairy type, because I still feel as though it's too strong defensively, the Poison and Steel weakness being extremely inconsequential for what you gain. It also really hurt the viability of two of my favorite Pokemon by giving them a quadruple weakness.

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    Pokémon: Black and White. Most of my favorites come from that generation. I was quite saddened that I kept hearing that most people didn't like the games because the Pokemon "didn't look" like Pokemon at the time. I actually had a hard time making my team involving my favorites since I wasn't used to rotating my team to use them all. ._.

    Starters: It's a tie between Fire Red/Leaf Green and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. I actually can't pick between them whenever I re-started my games. Even though I always went with Grass starters I always questioned why not used the others? They are pretty cool looking. And I did once or twice which pretty much cemented my fond for all three of them in their respective generations/games.

    Legendaries: Fire Red/Leaf Green. Can't really dislike the Birds nor the Mews.

    Region: Black and White. Love the seasons change. Loved the graphic evolving from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

    Protagonists: Black and White, Fire Red/Leaf Green, Gale of Darkness and Shadows of Almia. Although I didn't like Hilda as a name :c

    Rival: Fire Red/Leaf Green and Black and White.

    Professor: X and Y and Gale of Darkness.

    Gym Leaders: Black and White. I enjoyed that they got in on the whole story. Interactive.

    Elite Four: Black and White and Fire Red and Leaf Green. Tough Elite Four and the most memorable going through soft resets or many a Full Restore and Revives.

    Champion:Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Black2/White 2, XY. I'll admit all three of those were difficult. Had to soft reset a few-too many times to defeat them. Besides Diantha even though I love her design and her theme.

    Evil Team/s: Team Rocket, Cipher, Team Flare

    Plot: Black and White.

    Music: Gale of Darkness, Black/White, Fire Red/Leaf Green, and XY. I always find myself looking for remixes or the originals on Youtube.

    New/Improved Mechanic: Xy's WonderTrade. Always go in the game to Wonder Trade. Also Seasons in Black/White.

    Fire and Lightning Race Across the Heavens

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        Spoiler:- Spoilered for length!:
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    Pokémon: Gold/Silver/Crystal - See: Username

    Starters: Gold/Silver/Crystal - See: Above

    Legendaries: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - Jirachi and Kyogre, need I say more?

    Region: Johto - See: Pokemon

    Protagonists: Colosseum - Wes will forever be the coolest.

    Rival: Gold/Silver/Crystal/HG/SS - Silver and his neglect of Pokemon ends up with him caring for them.

    Professor: Red/Blue/Yellow/Green - Oak is OG.

    Gym Leaders: Pearl/Diamond/Platinum - I just like them, I guess.

    Elite Four: See: Above

    Champion: See: Above

    Evil Team/s: Colosseum/XD - Cipher will forever be best villain team.

    Plot: Colosseum - A nice change from the generic kid beats evil team.

    Music: Colosseum/XD - Let the music play!

    New/Improved Mechanic: XY - 3D models.
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    Pokémon: Very tough. Depends if we're talking about the Pokemon introduced in the game, or just those generally available. If its the former, gotta go with R/B/Y. The latter, either HG/SS or OR/AS. ORAS probably nicks it because of the extra starters and legendaries.
    Starters: FR/LG. Hands down. Big fan of Typlosion, and more recently Swampert though.
    Legendaries: Johto. Hoenn in a close second. Lugia is my favourite legendary of all time, and the Beasts are awesome
    Region: I've actually really come to love Hoenn after playing AS. Slightly unfair perhaps because its helped by the modern visuals, but it is really very beautiful.
    Protagonists: B/W. Nice to be a little older for a change.
    Rival: Silver.
    Professor: Oak.
    Gym Leaders: Probably going to go with FR/LG. Mostly because I watched the anime back in those days so their personalities were brought to life much more. Still remember how creepy Sabrina was...
    Elite Four: S/G
    Champion: S/G. Lance is such a cool champion. Never really had much love for Cynthia
    Evil Team/s: Team Rocket. Again, I think this is more from watching them in the anime than the games, cause I don't really remember them doing much in S/G or FR/LG. The Aqua vs Magma storyline in Emerald was pretty good, so maybe them actually.
    Plot: B/W. Only time in the series that advancing the story became my main aim for doing stuff. Normally its just something in the background getting in the way of doing more interesting stuff, but the plot in B/W was genuinely engaging.
    Music: Er, I tend to play with the sound off...
    New/Improved Mechanic: GTS, (and wifi trading in general). Its poorly implemented, but being able to trade over the internet really did revolutionise the series for me

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    Pokémon: D/P, the games that introduced great Pokémon like Lucario and Darkrai.
    Starters: R/S were the ones I've played the most, and I've played great games with all 3 starters.
    Legendaries: B/W has the most legendaries, and all of them were great.
    Region: Johto, because nostalgia.
    Protagonists: Red, because I'm old-fashioned like that.
    Rival: Bianca; I can relate to her, and her BGM is fantastic.
    Professor: Juniper from B/W
    Gym Leaders: The original 8 from R/B.
    Elite Four: Johto's Elite Four from G/S.
    Champion: Lance from G/S.
    Evil Team/s: Team Rocket from R/B, for nostalgia.
    Plot: B/W's questioning the morality of battles.
    Music: HG/SS for improving on G/S's fantastic BGM.
    New/Improved Mechanic: Walking Pokémon in HG/SS.

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    Pokémon: Most of my faves are from Kanto or Hoenn. I like quite a few Unova Pokemon as well.
    Starters: Hoenn! I love all three of them.
    Legendaries: Sinnoh
    Region: Orre in XD/Colosseum
    Protagonists: Black/White & OR/AS
    Rival: Brendan/May in R/S/E/OR/AS
    Professor: Does Dr. Kaminko in Colosseum/XD count... if not then Rowan in D/P/Pt
    Gym Leaders: I liked the Black 2/White 2 gyms a lot
    Elite Four: B/W/B2/W2 again
    Champion: Cynthia in DPPt or Iris in BW2
    Plot: Tough, but probably B/W or X/Y
    Music: R/S/E
    New/Improved Mechanic: The overhaul of special/physical attacks in D/P

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    Pokémon: Gen 3 and Gen 6. Though most of my faves are Fighting-types scattered between gens.
    Starters: Typhlosion, Sceptile and Greninja
    Legendaries: Weather and Tao Trio
    Region: Johto. Love the traditional Japanese feel.
    Protagonists: B2W2
    Rival: Silver. Character development.
    Professor: Prof. Oak. The number one authority in Pokemon.
    Gym Leaders: DPPt and B2W2
    Elite Four: RBY/FRLG
    Champion: Lance
    Evil Team/s: Go Team Archie!
    Plot: BW and B2W2
    Music: BW/B2W2 (battle themes), XY (overworld), HGSS/ORAS (nostalgia)
    New/Improved Mechanic: 3D world

    Based on the above, I like Gen 3 the most. Followed by Gen 5.

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    Pokémon: Gen 1 Growlithe line, Vulpix line, Eevee line, Mew; Gen 2 Espeon, Umbreon, Houndour line; Gen 4 Leafeon and Glaceon; Gen 5 Deino line
    Starters: Gens 2, 5, 6 ... I liked all 3 in each gen and have picked them each at least once in my multiple playthroughs
    Legendaries: Gens 1 and 2 ... the only legend from these gens I don't particularly like is Entei
    Region: Kanto/Johto/Unova
    Protagonists: Red. If we're talking physical appearances though, perhaps BW/BW2 male and XY both genders
    Rival: Gary and Silver. Not sure if N counts as a "rival" per se, but he is my favorite antagonist
    Professor: Prof. Oak
    Gym Leaders: Nothing beats the Kanto gym leaders for me, both in RBY/FRLG and in the GSC/HGSS games. They weren't necessarily better, but they were the original gyms leaders
    Elite Four: RBY/FRLG. These (at least in Gen 1) were the toughest E4 for me, maybe that's only because I was a kid and I remembered struggling to beat them. Even now, they presented a greater challenge to beat (in RBY at least) than anything in these recent gens have offered me, probably due to their levels and the battle mechanics back then
    Champion: Lance, but I liked the music for Iris
    Evil Team/s: Team Magma, and winner of most ridiculous team goes to Team Galactic: the team I like only because of how stupid I thought they all were, and they gave me a good laugh
    Plot: BW and BW2
    Music: This one is so difficult x.x Can I pass?
    New/Improved Mechanic: Gen 6 breeding and GTS improvements to be able to search for a Pokemon you have not seen yet

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    Pokémon: I'd say Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. It's a tough call, but I love tons of the new editions, AND the ones from earlier generations that made it into the games. I really love the Pokémon you find on the seafloor, like Relicanth and Corsola!
    Starters: Gen I, Squirtle is my favorite.
    Legendaries: Gen I, the birds are my favorite, and Mew and Mewtwo are up there, too!
    Region: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. I adore the seafaring theme that those games had... Dewford, Lilycove, and Mossdeep were amazing... Pacifidlog was such a neat idea! And in general, the region feels like home to me, due in no small part to the AG series.
    Protagonists: Gen III, MAY!
    Rival: Gen I, Blue!
    Professor: Gen I, Oak is the OG Pokémon Prof!
    Gym Leaders: Gen II! Love Bugsy and Chuck, plus they include Kanto's gym leaders, too!
    Elite Four: Gen II... Perfect Elite Four, what can I say?
    Champion: Ruby and Sapphire, STEVEN!
    Evil Team/s: Gen III, Team Aqua.
    Plot: probably Gen II!
    Music: Fire Red and Leaf Green... The music is a better quality version of B/R/Y's classic tracks.
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    Pokémon: Definitely Gen. 4 but I love a lot of Gen. 3 Pokemon as well.
    Starters: Gen. 2. Although its my least favorite gen, the starters are the best, imo.
    Legendaries: Gen. 4. We got so many new legendaries. Plus, Cresselia is my favorite legendary Pokemon so far.
    Region: Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos are my favorite regions so far.
    Protagonists: Unova. More specifically Nate and Hilda, they are the best.
    Rival: Gen. 1. You just can't Blue.
    Professor: Professor Oak, hands down! But I also like Professor Juniper and Professor Sycamore as well.
    Gym Leaders: Gen. 5. Elesa, Skyla, Lenora, they're awesome.
    Elite Four: Gen. 5. Out of the regions, they're the ones who stand out the most, imo.
    Champion: Cynthia. She's a total boss, plain and simple.
    Evil Team/s: Team Galactic. Their dialogue had me cracking up so many times while playing platinum.
    Plot: Definitely Black & White 2. There just isn't a Pokemon game that can top those games, imo.
    Music: BW/BW2 (battle themes)
    New/Improved Mechanic: Character Custimazation. I loved that, one of my favorite things from XY.

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