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Thread: Are you (still) fascinated by Pokemon evolutions?

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    Default Are you (still) fascinated by Pokemon evolutions?

    I first came to know about Pokemon via the anime. At that time, watching Caterpie evolve into Metapod and subsequently into Butterfree was one of the most memorable moments for me as a child, so I was especially impressed when the same thing could happen in-game when I first played Pokemon Yellow (wowz). And since I had no access to the internet, I never knew what I could get by leveling up a Pokemon.

    Of course, two decades down the road, and we're now at the point where I can find out the entire roster of new Pokemon even if I've never played the games. I also start to over-analyze and scrutinize the designs and changes when a Pokemon 'evolve'. Some evolutions are like natural growth spurts (like Growlithe to Arcanine), some follow the stages of metamorphosis (Tyranitar), some adopt fusion-like themes (like Beldum to Metagross). And then there are those that simply slap two different species together to form some sort of evolutionary line, like how a rattlesnake evolves into a cobra or a seagull evolves into a pelican. Lastly, we have Pokemon that are perfectly fine (even competitively) without any evolution or pre-evolution), such as Lapras and Skarmory.

    It seems like as long as the final product has decent/overpowered stats and deadly abilities, it doesn't really matter how the Pokemon 'grow', if at all. Even for the traditional evolutionary lines, you spend so little time with the pre-evolutions that they're mostly there just for the sake of it. Mix in the cross-gen evolutions, formes, super saiyan mega evolutions, splicing, Zygarde cell, Ash-Greninja, and it feels as if it's all about creating the next hype rather than a plausible, albeit fictional, ecosystem.

    So, are you still fascinated by Pokemon evolutions, or are they merely a distraction?
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    I don't know if "fascinated" is the word I'd use, but I'm always much more interested in the final evolutions than the ones prior.

    At the start of every gen, they show off the new starters and I immediately want to know what the final forms look like. I find it silly that a fair amount of people prefer the younger forms and sometimes even don't evolve them because they think they're cuter or something... I'm always like, why? The evolved forms have naturally stronger stats, so they won't be as effective in battle if you don't let them do what they naturally should be doing.

    Plus, the thought of a Blaziken and Lucario having a fast-paced fighting match-up looks and sounds a hell of a lot more entertaining than a Torchic and Riolu having some little scrap in the playground.

    So yeah, evolutions rock.

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    Like Zero, I tend to look toward what the final evolution is. The pre-evolutions may be kind of cute, but they're definitely not necessary and don't really add too many new dynamics to the game. In fact, in some cases, they can be kind of a hassle since it's yet another hurdle that needs to be crossed when it comes to training the Pokémon. Building up friendship and stuff like that is honestly just pesky. The only way having unevolved Pokémon could work for battling is to make them faster and/or harder to land hits on than their fully evolved forms. Until they do that, you'd be silly to train that Charmander all the way to 100 without letting it go to Charizard.

    Meanwhile, I find Mega Evolutions to be kind of a turnoff, largely in part that they're just temporary. That, and some Pokémon got Mega Evolutions when they really didn't need them and were fine already while others that badly need them to be competitive still have yet to get one. It would have been great if it was used as a system to help under-used Pokémon get more action and even the playing field, but instead, it just feels too much like an afterthought that got shoehorned into the battling system.

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    Since I am a non-competitive player, and my main focus of a Pokemon game is the initial play-through, evolutions do very much hold a important part of my game. They help to personify the progress you have made through the game, as well as being a reward for hard work when the evolution does occur.

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