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Thread: Offical Nickname Discussion thread

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    I nickname all my Pokemon. I try to be inventive, but sometimes I can't get inspiration
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    When I can think of totally original nicknames. Like my Reuniclus, I nicknamed him Scoliosis.

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    I never really used to do nicknames up until recently. Because I pick up a lot of games from car boot sales and the like, I love looking through peoples saves, see how far they got. When the batteries are dead, it's a bit of a killjoy (looking at you G/S/C) but when I do find stuff it's quite fun. Because of this, I tend to name pokemon after what other people names then, little strange I know, sort of like a continuation of the adventure that pokemon had. I've nicknamed quite a few pokemon because of this.

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    I don't really come up with nicknames, but I'll occasionally create a new name for a pokemon, referring to all pokemon of that species by the new name. For example-
    - Serpedera- I didn't really care for Serperior- it seemed too close to Rhyperior to me. I thought of a number of words related to the pokemon's qualities, having to do with snakes, plants, ivy, etc. I eventually settled on Serpedera, a combination of serpent and hedera helix, the scientific name for ivy. I'm so used to calling it that, I have to remind myself not to on here.
    - Zeblitz- I found Zebstrika kind of clunkly, so I wanted something else. This one wasn't really too hard to think of, looking at the pokemon and its pre-evo's name. Then it turned out Zeblitz is one of the foreign names for it (I think french).

    The only individual pokemon I occasionally refer to by a nickname is my first Gardevoir, who I'll sometimes call Gardie (rhymes with hardy).

    Oh, and this probably doesn't count, but I'll occasionally think of Mewtwo as 'The Sequel', since it's Mewtwo (like a movie).
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    Gallade- Shaddix
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    lol, good one.
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    I'm looking for a Serperior named Serpedera. It'll be at lvl 98 or above. If you happen to have such a pokemon please PM me.

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    Machamp - 4ThumsbsUp (Reference to its anatomical structure and the gesture "2 Thumbs Up")
    Tyranitar - Reptar (Similar appearance to Reptar)
    Crobat - ThisBites (Literate reference to its biting/reference to the idiom "this bites" as in, "this is not a desired result")
    Klinklang - GearyOak (Gary Oak/Gears pun)
    Eelektross - Eelioz (Like the pizza company "Ellioz")
    Patrat - Chip'NDale (reference to chip 'n' dale characters)
    Blastoise - Bowser/Leonardo (Large bipedal tortoise with a giant shell/Ninja turtle leader)
    Dragonite - FusRoDa/StrunBaQo (direct references to Skyrim's shouts [depends on the build)
    Metagross - Quadraxis (Boss in Metroid Prime 2)
    Venusaur - Wart (Boss from Mario Bros. 2)
    Jolteon - Thundercats (Reference to the show "Thundercats" and that it resembles a thunder cat)
    Lantern - Neptuna (Neptune, the god of the sea, and Tuna, the fish)
    Heracross - Beetleborg (Reference to the show "Beetleborgs")
    Jynx - Rupaul (Google Rupaul if you don't get the reference)
    Onix - Trinix (Similar boss in "A Link to the Past")
    Joltic - TicksUOff (Reference to the animal it represents [Tick] and the phrase "ticking you off)
    Bastiodon - Helmasaur (Very similar appearance to helmasaurs in Zelda)
    Miltank - Whopper (What are burgers made of?)
    Emboar - Ganon (Giant angry bipedal pigs)

    + More


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    Samurott (Mizurai): 'Mizu' means water in Japanese and the 'rai' part comes from samurai but also means thunder. So you can call him 'Water Samurai' or 'Samurai of the water'.
    Absol (Mysticol and Sol): 'Mysticol' for my shiny Absol, notice that the 'o' replaces the 'a' in mystical. For my normal Absol I call it 'Sol', you can interpret the name in two ways 'Sol' as in 'Soul' or 'Sol' as it is crying out the last bit of it's name.
    Thundurus (Boltrus): I replaced the 'Thundu' with 'Bolt' because it sounds better with bolt in it's name.
    Tornadus (Galerus): I replaced the 'Torna' with 'Gale', gale is like a strong gust of wind.
    Tepig (Empig): I call it 'Empig' because I don't plan on evolving it and it is a spin-off to 'Emboar'.
    Lucario (Aurio, Aurious and Aurackal): When I obtained my first Lucario I instantly name it 'Aurio' because it is based on Aura and I like Oreos and I linked the last part of it's name with the word aura. My second Lucario was from an egg that I breaded with my first Lucario and Ditto, I named it 'Aurious' and my third Lucario I obtained in Black 2 and named it 'Aurackal', again based the name on aura and this time I based the name on a Jackal because Lucario is a jackal.
    Infernape (Bablaze): The 'Ba' part is from Baboon and I just added 'blaze' because it it a fire type.
    Garchomp (Chomper): I named it 'Chomper' because of the 'chomp' part of it's name and because the chompers Gible have inspired me.
    Rayquaza (Skydra): Its called 'Skydra' because It is based on the sky (ozone layer to be precise) and the 'dra' comes from being a dragon type pokemon.
    Reshiram (Pyraura): The 'Pyr' comes from 'Pyros' (don't think I stole it from Bakugan) which means fire and the 'aura' comes from it's ability 'Turboblaze' which says 'It is unleashing blazing aura' also the name sorta suits it.
    Zekrom (Rairyuu): It is a Japanese name. 'Rai' means thunder and 'ryuu' means dragon in Japanese put it together it becomes 'Dragon of thunder'.

    I have a lot more pokemon with unique nicknames, please rate these nicknames.


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    I ALWAYS name my pokes. I usually reference books, like a Reuniclus named Peeves and a Banette named Ephira.
    My favorite pokemon, Mawile, I gave a simple name. Chomps.
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    I only name the pokemon I plan on having as a permanent member of my teamm otherwise my PC boxes would be full of nicknames and I wouldn't be able to remember what kind of pokemon they all are...

    Having said that, I've pretty much forgotten all previous games worth of pokemon and nicknames So I'll go with my current B2 team:

    Cecil - I guess it kinda sounds serpenty?
    Fez - Pheasant..and Fez is sort of already a real name?
    Buck - The dog's name in Call of the Wild. I know Riolu isn't a dog, but the book always made me think of wolves because they look so similar to husky's blah blah.
    Brannigan - After Zapp Brannigan; Futurama. Zap...electric...

    Small team, but I've not met any other pokemon I really like so much yet. Not got far into the game yet, only started on Friday.

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    Okay... Here I go.

    Plupole the Empoleon (a portmanteau of PiPLUP and EmPOLEon)

    Jubilee the Togekiss (it's the Jubilee Pokémon...)

    Drifty the Drifblim (self explanatory, really. It drifs)

    Silver the Lanturn (Lanturn appears first in Pokémon Silver, it appears in Silver Trench in PMD RRTBRT)

    Blazechic the Blaziken (protmanteau of BLAZiken and TorCHIC)

    Dewrose the Roserade (portmanteau of BuDEW and ROSErade/ROSElia)

    Keyboard the Leavanny (I have absolutely no idea)

    Levana the Leavanny (it sounds like Leavanny, and it's a name)

    Sparkle the Ampharos (after Jasmine's Ampharos from the Animé)

    Amphy the Ampharos (after Jasmine's Ampharos from the Games)

    Cynder the Cyndaquil (vorrupton of Cinder)

    Chomp the Garchomp (it bites...)

    Sunny the Sunflora (SUNflora/SUNkern...)

    Solo the Absol (Sol is in Absol's name... Solo comes from the fact Absol are lone)

    Albino the tpTynamo (it's so white... It looks albino :P)

    Voltz the Magnemite (um)

    Magny the Magnezone (MAGNETS) BZZ BZZ MAGNEMITE

    Foie Gras the Porygon-Z (It's food... Of ducks. But I will never eat you Porygon-Z! I can't anyway. You're data)

    Pory the Porygon (PORYgon)

    So, uh, yeah...

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    I name all my Pokemon including Legendaries and such. I just like to

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    I have a weird habit of giving almost all my main Pokemon back stories, so here's some of my main ones (All listed Pokemon exist in-game and have been made into characters for something):

    Scar the Cacturne: I honestly never gave a care about Cacturne at first. But when I ran into one in Platinum and attacked him, he was still standing so I caught him and named him Scar.

    Nova the Gardevoir: I was trying to think up a good name for a male Gardevoir and this came to mind. I probably could have thought of something better.

    Akumu and Kaage the Darkrai: Technically not named in-game, Akumu(Japanese for nightmare) is a shiny Darkrai I got from a friend and Kaage(Japanese for shadow) is the only Darkrai I've obtained myself, from an event.

    Anima the Latias: One day I made a psychotic Latias character. Anima is Japanese for soul.

    Eclipse the Cresselia: For some reason I made her obsessed with the color purple, I thought it would be funny to have her constantly tackling Akumu to the ground. Eclipse just seemed to fit her.

    Kunai the Bisharp: I've always nicknamed my Pawniard/Bisharp after weapons. Others include: Katana(F), Blade(M), Shuriken(F), and Dagger(M). (Yes I'm obsessed with Bisharp.) Also used for group on DeviantArt.

    Phobia the Zorua: Named after fears. I figured Phobia would be a good name for a Zorua.

    Stitches the Shuppet: I used him for the group on DA. His name is pretty obvious.

    Sky the Kecleon: Also used for group on DA. Named because I always color her blue.

    Hunter the Gothitelle: Used for group on DA. Named because I had the thought of a Gothitelle using a bow and arrows.

    Khamsim: An Archen soon to appear on DA as well. Named because a Khamsim is a type of hot wind storm and he knows Heat Wave.

    I think that's all I'm putting for now... I have a lot of Pokemon with stories.

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    Red face

    my favourite nickname is NightFury for Zekrom!!!!!!! This is reference to the main dragon in the movie HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON
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    I once had an Alakazam named Shazam, I thought it was fitting for him. Especially naming by Breloom Toadette (yes, its a girl)
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    I don't normally name my Pokemon, but as I hatched my first shiny I decided to change from the norm.
    It was a Venipede, who will one day be my beautiful Scolipede, and it shall be my BigBertha, and she shall be mine!
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    I always have a charizard named Zippo. My black 2 is really the only team that has nicknames
    Scarlet the female Emboar
    Luke the Lucario
    Teeno the Roserade
    Drake the Flygon
    Bubbles the Azumarill
    70s the Bouffalant

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    I used to nickname all of my pokemon as a kid in 98 when I first got Blue Version. I never do anymore, except one that stuck with me through all of the versions, Henry The Beedrill. My signature pokemon with his signature nickname. Always raise my own Beedrill from Weedle up to Beedrill and name him Henry

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    I named my Gengar Voldemort.

    The New Generation

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    I always nick name mine didn't till gen 4
    At the moment I have;
    Osh the Samurott (formally Oshawott)
    Spock the Sawk (he reminds me of Spock)
    October the Lampent (named for the unova horoscope)
    Warrior the Bouffalant (named after the 70's film the warriors)
    Bronte the Zebstrika (female so named after one of the female horses that pulled Helios's chariots in Greek mythology)
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    I've actually never nicknamed a Pokemon before.
    But honestly, this thread sort of makes me want to!

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    I like to have themes for my team.

    For example, for my SoulSilver team, I am naming them after Walking Dead characters.
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    I named my Shadow Tag Gothorita 'Nabokov', for Vladmir Nabokov. I may want to nickname my Honchkrow as 'Pimpkrow' and my Metagross as 'i7'.
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    Default thread has gone official....

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    I just remembered one ofmy favorites from HG: HeraBOSS the Heracross!
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    hi hows everyone....are we still taling about pokemon nicknames

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    My Pidgeot is Skylar because it's usually a female, although that name works for males, and it's a pretty name with the word sky in it.
    Saren for my Sceptile named after the villain in the first Mass Effect game; I usually name him after a villain for some reason (previous name was Sylar from Heroes)
    Scarlett is my Crawdaunt because Scarlett was an old British officer and they used to be called "lobster tails" for their redcoats; also, he's the color Scarlett. x)

    There's more, but that's just a few and felt the need to share.

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