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Thread: Offical Nickname Discussion thread

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    I nickname all my pokemon. Here's my current/most recent teams with nicknames:
    Black 2 Playthrough-Whimsicott(GrassPuff), Haxorus(Axeblade), Sandslash(SandyClaws), Swanna(Swanlake), Arcanine(Lion's Roar), Liepard(Rogue).
    White 2 Playthrough(all shiny)-Serperior(Asmodeus) and Ampharos(Cotton On).
    Platinum-Infernape(Izzy), Gastrodon(PinkyBlob), Roserade(Deathrose), Weavile(IceCloud), Luxray(Darkvolt) and Togekiss(Rainbows).
    Emerald-Blaziken(Blazia), Linoone(Russetfur), Grumpig(Ms.Piggy), Altaria(CottonWing), Manectric(Thunderdog) and Walrein(Subzero).
    Firered-Raichu(Sparky), Arcanine(Lionblaze), Dragonite(Lance), Persian(StayClassy), Nidoqueen(Regina) and Lapras(Seaside).
    White-Emboar(Pyra), Swoobat(FancyBat), Galvantula(Joltia), Sawsbuck(Bambi), Carracosta(TurtleRock) and Cinccino(Snuggles).
    Black-Samurott(Shellheart), Simisear(Ritzel), Whimsicott(Grasspuff), Liepard(NightClaw), Excadrill(Arula) and Zebstrika(Voltstrike).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson101 View Post
    So far the only Pokemon I've named is Ferrothorn and I named it Fluffy <33
    I named my Ferrothorn Touch Me. Not one of my better ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Earth Wolf-Howl View Post
    Some of my best nicknames have been:

    Combusken- Mekigo (no idea where it came from)
    Pelipper- Venigra (mispronunciation of 'Venari')
    Spoink- Bakugami (unoriginal, but it fits)
    Espeon- Sol
    Braviary- Nereviaz (no idea either)
    Liepard- Kabegami (I like the Okami gods.)
    liked your nicknames......for some reasons they sound cool....!

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    I rarely nickname my pokemon but I'm planning on naming my Thundurus or Zekrom Zeus Heatran Hephaestus Frillish Posiedon Gallade Jason

    The best I've done is either make up a nickname or just go with a few letters in their name and adventures nicknames
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    On my first game I literally named everything. Really was running out of ideas for Wooper or Bibarel number 10 in the Safari Zone. The first nickname was Ella the Piplup (even though it was a boy - I didn't actually realise Pokemon had genders at first)

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    lets see here there is:
    jaws the sharpedo
    reptillian the cranidos
    terrorbird the archeops(i think i may have given an aerodactyl that same name though)
    darkcrystl the shiny gigalith
    volcano the typhlosion back in silver he is "dead" though
    voltajolt the jolteon from back in blue version unlike volcano he is still alive due to being put in the pokemon stadium storgae system.
    i know there are others but these are all the ones i can think of for now.
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    Not usually, unless I know I'm not going to trade them. And when I do I give them Latin names, for example my Zoroark is called Mortem which means death.

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    I will name all the pokemon on my team if able, it builds more interest in my pokemon and makes me want to use them more often. I prefer to name them after what they look like in Spanish, but sometimes i name them in English too.
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    Default Offical Nickname Discussion thread

    Nicknames are sign of Uniqueness, make you Pokémon stand out from the crowd.

    This is the place to discuss your Pokémon's nicknames.

    I've created this thread after many starting threads about them.

    1. GPD Rules and Serebii Forums Rules still apply.
    2. When Listing your Pokémon please give reasons behind the name. - For Example: Decker (Named after the main character in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick, as it's line are all Electric Sheep.)
    3. No Pure Team listing. You can't just post a list of Pokémon with their nicknames, you most comment on them.
    4. Rude and Offensive names/teams are not allowed. You can earn infraction points and your post edit or deleted.
    5. You can talk about the nicknames Pokémon you receive in trades. (Example: KENYA - Why did Webster named his Pokémon after a African country? (This is an ingame "trade" in HGSS))
    6. If the name features letters not common to US/UK Keyboards. You should post a Translation, as not all Visiters can see Non-english Characters.
      1. For Korean and Japanese names: Please state the how it sounds in "English" - :052: かット (Cat or more accurately Kaatu) - English word "cat" written in Japanese.)
      2. "Dingbat" characters (☺♀♂♠♣♥♦) should be treated like Japanese names, as you can "type" almost all of them as they appear in game. You can use a Windows program called Character Map (installed with most copies of Windows), or copy paste from other places for these ones that you can't type. Mac and Linux users could have similar Program to Character Map. (PM me to tell me about them, I do have access to those Os, but I don't use them often) So ☺♀♂♠♣♥♦ is (Simley face) (Female) (Male) (Spades) (Clubs) (Hearts) (Diamonds)

    7. Only a single Pokémon Smiley per nickname. The Faces are allowed as they're symbols in the games.
    8. Do not ask for help with the games.

    Just for convenience. Here is locations of all known Name Raters.

    • Lavender Town in Kanto
    • Goldenrod City in Johto
    • Slateport City in Hoenn
    • Agate Village in Orre
    • Eterna City in Sinnoh
    • Castelia City in Unova

    Decker used in the example is real:
    Decker - Named after the main character in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick, as it's the line are all Electric Sheep.

    Acacia - Named after an Elf girl in a story I was writing. The Elf was named after a type of tree.
    Lily - Named after the mother to Acacia in the same story. The Elf is named after a plant.

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    My first Emboar was named Flare...
    My second one, I named it Pewdiepie, because it could brofist.
    I named my Scolipede, Kid, after Death the Kid from Soul Eater.
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    ~ My Reshiram from Black is named Shirohana, which is one way to say White Flower. Representing Reshiram's lightness and beauty :3

    ~ My White Kyurem is named Whiteblaze. White as in snow and winter, as well as Reshiram's half of the fusion. Blaze, of course, representing the Pokemon's potent fire attributes. Black Kyurem on the flipside is called Snowstorm. Snow for Kyurem's Ice, Storm for Zekrom's lightning, simply put.

    ~ My starting Samurott from Black is named Shellstorm. Putting it's shell blades together with the idea of a powerful rainstorm >D
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    Hmm, I got moi ideas for a Shiny Female Eevee! Emblem, because SE is a Emblem like, after I drew and failed on Eevee...
    Haxus for Shiny Haxorus, or something better.. >-> because named after someone on here... <3 /shot
    And, Lightning for Manectric. My most favorite names I probably thought of. Lightning matters, because electric.
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    Samurott - Splash♫♪☺♥: At that time all my nicknames were boring xD Splash is cause it's a water type, and all the special characters were because 1) I got bored and 2) I think water and music go along pretty well.

    Typhlosion - Blaze: From HGSS, my Typhlosion was named Blaze for fire.

    Lugia - Aerowing: Aero from Aeroblast and wing from its hand/wings.

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    Named my Chandelure "2SPOOKY4U" because it's a Ghost Type, and I just love that phrase haha.
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    I nicknamed my Shiny Haxorus, Hurricane, because I caught him during hurricane Sandy when my power was out for a week. So now I will always be reminded the hardship of not having any power, heat, or running water (and how fortunate I am that I do.)
    I EV trained him too, in speed and attack I believe. I don't remember xD

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    - Libidinous; well, look that up in a dictionary.

    - Aranyani; after a Hindu goddess of forests, and also a dancer (Lilligant learns Quiver Dance).

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    Going back to Rampardos, I named mine Yorick after that skull from Hamlet since it comes from the skull fossil. I don't think I have any particularly interesting Hitmonlee nicknames, though.
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    - Ms and Ms; Well it's a female Zweilous for a start and both heads are twins. Also it's a play off of its ability Hustle that makes Zweilous tend to miss attacks.

    - Flamebat; Quite self explanatory, it's a Fire type with the addition of Fighting and the bat comes from Combat, in which Fighting is involved with.

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    Uxie - E=MC2
    I chose one of Einstein's theories, because Uxie is the being of knowledge, iirc. Einstein is really smart, so I just thought it was fitting...

    Seviper - Apophis
    Apophis is (in Egyptian mythology) the god of Chaos and Destruction...and also a really big snake. Seeing as how Seviper is a really big snake and is chaotic, kind of, I thought it was the most fitting...

    That's all I have, for now. ._.

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    I make sure to nickname all of my Pokemon, thinking of a unique name for each of them can be quite a fun thought-exercise.
    My most recent ones have been:

    Milotic- Phobos
    Persian- Tennantine
    Charizard- Philomena
    Gallade- Shaddix
    Gardevoir- Willox
    Porygon Z- Gambit
    Vaporeon- Anubis

    Not the best and most original names in the whole world, but I like them myself.

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    I give them comical names or names that fit their persona.

    For example: I called my Feraligatr Roy Jones & my Empoleon Mr Britsh

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    I have to. It makes them unique. My nicknames are in my signature.
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    Falconion Lv 41
    Wiz Lv 42
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    Emerald Team:

    Nimbus Lv 26
    Eragon Lv 28
    Geico Lv 28
    Vision Lv 28
    Metallik Lv 31
    Azullerell Lv 33

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    On my Pokémon White Team, I used a Vaniluxe that I nicknamed WaffleCone. Simply because it's an ice cream cone.

    I always nickname my Eevee Bean, after my favorite book character, specifically from the book "The Last Book in the Universe".

    My Fire-type starters are always nicknamed Blaze (usually because I can't think of anything better lol)

    My male Espeon is named Gandalf (Lord of the Rings wizard).

    My Throh is Judge Judy. Kind of ironic, actually, because Throh can only be male, and Judge Judy can be kind of tough. The main reason is because I often name my Pokémon after the first thing I think of, like when I caught my Moltres I named it Hallmark because I was in Hallmark.

    My Sawsbuck is Rue, which is a plant and the best Hunger Games character, in my opinion.

    On PMD Sky, my partner Vulpix is named Tails (should be obvious enough).

    Will post more later, as I have TONS.

    ~Back from hiatus (let's see how long this will last)~

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    I only nickname my Pokemon that I get to level 100 like,

    - Ducky, Because it is a duck.
    - SandDoom, Because its sandy
    - TheStupid1, Wobbuffet just looks stupid yet I still love her, its a girl.
    - Top Hat, She looks like she would be wearing a top hat. *image wans't working for me.
    - SockCleanr, Don't need to explain that one

    I got some more but there in my black game and haven't transferred them over yet.
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