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Thread: Mewdio (Legal)

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    Default Mewdio (Legal)

    Squirtle - x3
    Wartortle - x1
    Blastoise - x3
    Mewtwo EX - x2
    Keldeo EX - x4

    Proffesor Juniper - x4
    Bianca - x3
    Cheren -x2
    N - x2
    Skyla x2
    Hugh - x1

    Computer Search - x1
    Ultra Ball - x3
    Rare Candy - x4
    Pokemon Catcher - x4
    Super Rod - x1
    Max Potion - x2
    Pokedex - x1
    Plus Power - x1

    Water Energy - x13
    Make sure Wadder is your refferer!
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    -1 hugh (I can see 1 colress but hugh is not a good card card and would rather play more juniper or more skyla for better consistency)
    - 1 plus power
    - 1 pokedex

    +1 ultra ball, 4 is consistency, you can always ultra ball and ultra ball with 4, but it's kinda sketchy with 3
    +1 skyla, 3 is consistency
    +1-2 e.retrevial makes the use of ultra ball and blastoise very deadly

    Other then that great pokemon and energy lines.
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