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    Wink ▲ The Legend of Zelda Club! ▲

    Hello and welcome to the one and only, The Legend of Zelda Club!

    I know there are many of you Zelda Lovers out there, so I made this club just for you guys. We welcome just about anyone and everyone to the club so we can be nerds and talk about the Zelda games. If you're a Zelda lover, like I am, this is the club for you! In this very club, we can share our opinions about the game or just talk about them. You can even share your fan art or fan fiction to the club and have peoples opinion about it.

    General Rules
    ▲. Follow all SPPF forum rules - This is pretty straight forward, follow all the forums rules.
    ▲. You must be a Zelda Lover - Please don't fake that you like the games, what's the point?
    ▲. Show respect and courtesy to all members - No one likes rude people.
    ▲. No PORNOGRAPHY, NUDITY or HENTAI - God forbid, none of that.
    ▲. PM me if you have problems with other members - Please PM me ASAP before more damage is done.
    ▲. Inactive users will be kicked out - Unless you have a reason that you have been unactive.
    ▲. No FLAMING, TROLLING or BASHING - Don't criticize Malo you mofo.
    ▲. Refrain from arguing, unless you have a valid reason - This creates unwanted spam.
    ▲. Golden rule, no one-liners - This could cause us to close down the Club. If you constantly type one-liners, you will be reported.
    ▲. If you're using a fan-made banner here, you MUST put credits in your signature - We do not allow plagiarism
    ▲. Your batteries are nearly depleted, please recharge your Wii Remote.
    ▲. Do not use the wrong Rank Userbar - Meaning, don't use the Owner&Leader userbar if you're not one.

    Strike List
    First Strike - If you receive a First Strike, you will have a warning that if you get another one you won't post for 1 Week.
    Second Strike - If you receive a Second Strike, you will have a 1 Week Ban from the club, meaning no posting.
    Third Strike - If you receive a Third Strike, you will have 2 Weeks Ban from the club and no posting.
    Final Strike - If you receieve yet another strike, you will be permanently banned from the club and forbidden to post again.

    Royal Application Form

    In this Royal Application to be part of the club, you must fill out every question with atleast a sentence or two. Please do not forget any questions and make it interesting, thanks!!

    What is your favourite Zelda Game:
    What made you become a Zelda Lover:
    Name 3 characters who processes the Triforce

    Owners & Leaders
    Fluffyy | [0 Strikes] | Owner
    Chapter of Charizard | [0 Strikes] | Leader

    Zelda Knights
    Poke's4Ever | [0 Strikes] | Beginner Knight
    tokyo/seven | [0 Strikes] | Beginner Knight
    JFought | [0 Strikes] | Beginner Knight
    Escheria | 0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    7 tyranitars | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    VioiV | [1 Strike] | Trainee Knight
    pokemonsquared | [1 Strike] |Trainee Knight
    jonman721 | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    HetaOni | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Cobali | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    marioluigifan05 | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Scubasteve23 | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Cometstarlight | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Darenix | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Sheps | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Exeggudork | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    -Prism- | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    EternalSword7| [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Fireray | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Bariokie | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    White draco | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Coyote_Dynamo | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Shadow Lucario | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Shadow XD001 | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    TheSilentBang | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Trickster Zorua | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Auaria~ | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Zephraxe | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    Torpoleon | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight
    xxbaconxx | [0 Strikes] | Trainee Knight

    Ranking System
    Ahh, the ranking system. Once you're a member of the club, you receive your first suit, the Yellow Tunic Suit. You work your way up to the Green Suit and maybe if you're good enough, you might receive a Magical Armor Suit.

    To get upgraded to the next suit, you have to be active, use our userbars/banners, join in the conversations and help people if they need help.

    Magical Armor Suit
    - Owners & Leaders ONLY
    Green Tunic Suit - Advanced Knight
    Red Tunic Suit - Intermediate Knight
    Blue Tunic Suit - Beginner Knight
    Yellow Tunic Suit - Trainee Knight

    The Legend of Zelda Games

        Spoiler:- Zelda Games:

    Fan Art & Stuff

        Spoiler:- Fan Art:

        Spoiler:- Rank Userbars:
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