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Why have I not seen this until now?

What is your favourite Zelda Game: This decision is harder than choosing your starter Pokemon. I'd have to say, Skyward Sword. I've only ever played 3 games but this is the game I've enjoyed the most.
What made you become a Zelda Lover: I got Twilight Princess a few years ago but I was too much of a wuss so I only got up to the part where Malo chases the monkey into the woods. I got the game again around 2 months ago and I managed to overcome my fear of those woods (I hated the music, that was why I was scared of it). I got Skyward Sword a few weeks ago and me and my friend Skye usually play SS and her Wind Waker game and I tell one of my friends on here all our funny moments.
Name 3 characters who processes the Triforce: Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, the easiest answers.
Application ACCEPTED! Welcome to the club, join our chat aye (:

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Topic: bow, any music item that isn't the harp, and the beetle
I didn't get that at all.. please be more clearer. Anyways, this club is being a little quiet.. some people are a little in-active, so I'll be taking them off. So invite your friends, family, anyone who are zelda fans so we can pump this club up.