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Thread: Giratina(origin form) or Rayquaza?who is better in pokemon battle?

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    Default Giratina(origin form) or Rayquaza?who is better in pokemon battle?

    who is better?i was arguing with my friend that rayquaza was better,he insisted that giratina is much more superior that rayquaza because of the typing.than i added that who ever uses outrage first wins(rayquaza has more speed).still he thinks giratina will win for his huge hp.what do you guys think?

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    Because Rayquaza is faster than Giratina-O, as well as the fact that Giratina-O cannot hold a Choice Scarf, Focus Sash or Haban Berry, a Timid Choice Specs Rayquaza with 252 EVs in Special Attack and Speed easily defeats any possible Giratina-O set, as Giratina-O has no way of outrunning such a Rayquaza regardless of its EVs, whereas even a Giratina-O with 252 EVs in HP and Special Defense along with a Special Defense-boosting Nature falls in one hit to the aforementioned Rayquaza's Draco Meteor.

    However, regarding which of the two Pokémon is more useful in battle, I'd say Giratina-O, due to its far superior bulk and defensive type combination, including the invaluable immunity to Rapid Spin, ExtremeSpeed and Close Combat.
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    In-game Rayquaza is stronger than Giratina and probably would win. Despite Rayquaza got a double weakness to ice, Giratian can't know any good ice move (Icy Wind is lame). Rayquaza's base stat total are the same of Giratina, but they're differently distributed. Rayquaza got more Attack and Special Attack than Giratina whatever form it is. However, in the real world Giratina would win Rayquaza because its origin and history is a lot more impressive. On that way, I would say that Giratina would win Rayquaza.
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