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    Default Creamery Command - Tournaments

    Welcome to the official tournament thread of Creamery Command. Before you post anything, please take a moment to read the following rules:

    -If you are not a member of Creamery Command, you can't post here. Plain and simple
    -Tournament applications and battle forms MUST be posted on this thread. They will not be accepted if they are not posted here.
    -Posts on this thread DO NOT count as activity posts for the guild.
    -Flaming and trolling will not be permitted. Ever.
    -This thread is reserved for Signing up for tournaments, Activity posts for tournaments, and posting tournament battles. Nothing else.


    It's time for another tournament, and we've decided to bring back an old favorite. As such, here we go with the second edition of the Flavor Tournament (Also known as monotype)

    Table of Contents

    - This Tournament will be PO/PS only.
    - Each Round will go for one week, so members have a week to complete their battles.
    - Single Elimination Tournament
    - There will be no maximum number of participants. There will, however, be an 8 player MINIMUM.
    - All Tournament battles WILL count for clan records.
    - It is up to you to get your match done. I will not pm you telling you when each round is up.

    - You will be assigned a different 'flavor' each round. You must make a 6:0 monotype team using that type. Every single Pokemon on your team must have that type.
    - All battles will be XY Pokebank OU. Standard clauses apply.
    - Battles are BEST OF 3. NOT 1, NOT 5, 3. NO EXCEPTIONS

    To join the tournament, please post the following form as a reply to the Creamery Command - Tournaments thread. Posts in the main thread will be regarded as spam.
    Flavor Tournament 2 Signup Form
    Serebii Username:
    Timezone: (GMT format)
    These are the different flavors and their corresponding types.

    All Participants get 100 cones for Joining.
    Winner: 2000 Cones & an automatic Rank-Up & choose a new flavor for a new rank! For this tournament, the flavor must be one of the flavors used by the tournament winner.
    Runner Up: 1000 Cones & an automatic Rank-Up
    Third Place: 500 Cones
    Fourth Place: 250 Cones

    The signup phase will last 1 full week. It will end at 12:01 AM EST next Thursday, February 5th.
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